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Well kartini cell therapies have been a promising new area of cancer treatments there. Costly produced have had limited success in treating solid tumors and can carry sometimes serious side effects. Shoreline biosciences is developing off the shelf. Natural killer in macrophages cellular therapies derived from induced pluripotent stem cells for cancer inflammatory and genetic diseases. The company programs these cells to target and kill tumors as well as repair tissue homey of stasis. the company said its approach allows for the creation of a streamlined affordable and scalable manufacturing process. That can deliver self therapy treatments to patients faster and more cost effective manner. We spoke to clamp a sam topless co founder and ceo shoreline biosciences about the company's off the shelf self therapy's it's focused on the innate immune system and how it's leveraging its technology through recent partnerships with beijing. And kite pharma clamp is. Thanks for joining us. Thank danny presenting petition. We're going to talk about shoreline biosciences its platform for allergenic cell technology and two deals you announced in june that have propelled the company to hear. Perhaps we can begin with some of the challenges with cell therapy's today and how shoreline is addressing. Those what problems do you see your platform the a bigger question today. The look back the cell therapy's gaming to the to the attention of the broader community about a decade ago with some spectacular results using guy make onto receptor t. cells as immunotherapy. Those were found nearby incompetence. Like hide the juno. We sold response rate that we haven't seen before over sixty percent or so in in some severely. Ill basi- They came unfortunately with some significant side effects. graphs was close. Bbc's cytokine release syndrome which is very significant negative effect and other side effects that prevented the massive adoption of these lifesaving therapy so most of them continue to be a background of finally of specialized academic or other hospitals and have not yet reached the community Setting so of course The concept auto immune therapies based on the fact that in immune cell can be jamir armed in targeted in directed towards a tumor in not only of course officials which is the adopted part of the immunity over of humans but he told so being made part of the community constituting gremaldi from engaged cells san case for natural killer cells because there were identified the late seventies as cells that decade foreign invaders including of course Helps so our approach is fundamentally different. We working with different effector cells in shoreline is focusing on natural killer cells in macrophages. Would we know about natural killer cells that they have a lot of the benefits of the t. cells that have been used previously spectacular results. But they don guy the side effects that you see so we don't see graph. I we don't see our release syndrome. End in fact Recent clinical data with not repeal ourselves were implemented in community hospital setting so literally changing dramatically. That way we can deploy these lifesaving therapies variety of of Basis that need dodge the different between what we do and what the circle car companies are being now. Developing you genetically modified these cells. What's the intent of that modification. How does it make them more effective. At fighting cancers we condition them to become better athletes in in a sense. We make these cells to become more persistent once. We infused into into basi- And then we arm them. With specific targeting tools so that they can come to proximity of the of the tumors in allow them the natural killer cell the macrophage to do what they are designed to do. Which is to attack the tumor in in destroyed it. So they are genetic manipulations Doing that As i said conditioning them to persist longer to be metaphorically better fitted to kill more effectively. And then we arm them with guided missiles to find those. Those humors you say you are guided missiles to find the tumors. To what extent can these be targeted. What do you do to actually target them. Yeah wish start than. I should have died by that. From the beginning we have. It's mendes advantage in shorelines. Foundational expertise is based on reporter in stem cell biology and these comes from founders and over two decades of experience of really taking a button stem cells in finding ways to differentiate them into our effect or in k. nuts regular cells and macrophages sounds so blue balkan stem cells have the ability to defense eight into an over two hundred different cell types and in the process in old defense. Of course the difference differentiation protocols in conditions deploy it is in that process take pew report in stem cell. We engineer these is that we want to make it a better ultimately better athlete as i said in in this regard we make money relations in the beautiful in stem cell stage. We've been select the clone. That has a genetic money relation we got the is fema typically and typically and then we defense eighty dr in case l. stop becomes our bun that is then is a muster sell buying because the beauty of louboutins stem cells of course the clone expansion capabilities you can get millions of three themselves from a single cologne. And so we now have reservoir of genetically-modified best athletes that we deploy against the tumors. These are allergenic therapies. That you're developing. They don't have to be customized for a patient. What's the process..

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