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Another one where I was GONNA say it'll be interesting to see how he does because he seems to have very few connections Sion's with the other players but then we have the whole nick and Michelle thing that we talked about already which seem rather odd combination as I mentioned earlier? We don't really know what that means. Did they talk a lot. They exchange if you messages and agree to work with each other. Nothing like that has ever binding. I have no doubt you'll will abandon those to if he needs to do think that it's interesting. He did mention nick as being one of the people that he wanted to play with so he didn't go into the hall. I have freedom alliance with him but he mentioned him as one of the people that he would align with he also is interested in aligning with Sandra. which I think is fascinating because they're much different dynamics in the way that they approached the game I think with? You'll what I what I find. I'm so interesting. I don't even know if I probably already said that three times. But he's such a nice guy and when he played his season he really did dominate. But he it was very respectful in in just really likeable. And he's interested in playing with Wendell and Jeremy Easson it. Could you imagine that four just for these. It's like the Nice Guy Alliance all of these people that are just really likeable. Really Nice people but then you will sat in his interviews. That he's it's no-holds-barred. Oh hold bar this time. And and he's GonNa play completely different than you did before because he doesn't feel like he has constraints like he did with his season which was a season based on ultra and and divided by race. And so he was. He was feeling constrained because he needed to represent his race and here. He doesn't feel that he needs to do that. So I'm curious is to see if he's really going to be able to kind of break away from that and show us a you'll that we haven't seen before even though he seems to be gravitating towards the likes of Wendell and Jeremy Ethan but then also throwing Sandra poverty ourselves it who knows it'll be it'll be interesting to watch. Yeah I I mean. You're looking back at his game and win. Obviously I remember how he controlled the game without appearing to do so. He denied being the puppet master but he was pulling a lot of the strings even even when decisions were apparently made by consensus. He took advantage to push that decision. So for example when Penner Flip you will saw that ozzy was forming forming a budding alliance with nate. So he convinced penner to make voting out nate a condition of his flip and then as he had to go along with it later it was a group group decision by the four. Vote Out Penner. But you'll use that to make a deal with Adam. Adam Adams jury vote you know. While while he held held onto his alliance the hallway he was also ensuring everyone within that lines was comfortable and like you said it.

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