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Into the ends a lot of people are that thrill with the rookie year of Dave McCumber actually a pretty good year if you consider their offense of line in their play calling everything I'm not down on Dave Montgomery at all did he lighted up sixteen games only that light up no I'm not they had a few good games and that's it okay you want more acted a hell of a lot more get back to this game today the reason why I gave everybody across the board such a low a low grade coaches players everybody folks this game today we played against the Vikings of the offense and defense of side of the ball these kids have never played a set of downs together let alone a quarter I have had never played a game together in their lives did you hear what I just said they had never played our first string offense a defensively when Adam to the nail every play and these kids who have never played with each other this was their first game on both sides of the ball and they took us down the last second of the game that's why I give my poor great the play a bunch of kids if anybody one should give up good also they should be those kids they never played together not a down a real down as a team and look what they did they took us all the way down to the last second of the game before we finally kicked a field goal to win a game of which again we only scored one touchdown again we never scored a touchdown in the first half against kids that have never played together before able being because let's bring because in here because he good evening welcome to the final show of the season my friend good to hear you my man you got it happy holidays to everybody and you know it is your right we now know that our bare squad can be any backup squad in the NFL we know that Hey it's going to be a dog fight but we could be them because what you think about and that's what we've learned today and that it's embarrassing well you know what else to say it's a mercy what did you think of men now you going for it on fourth and one call in a sneak you're up eighteen to six you're on your own forty four yard line I don't understand what he does number and so I I don't even want to comment on that you know I just rest my head and I just try to figure out the they announced immediately he's the winningest coach in the history of the bears he's also because the score the least amount of points as the office of coordinator in the history of the bears and Dan and this is in a league now were you the premium is scoring points you score points to win go so I I don't know you know in this and let me just take exception with the quarterbacks technique on the snake it was bizarre he was it was almost like he didn't get did you know you got it you basically have to wait like a half a beat and then feel the surges and then get down and follow it was straight up it was a again everything you don't deliver gold I don't know it but he's a quarterback coach what is he doing all day the plan but video games I I mean this kid has not progressed in any facet of the the the position now in three years it is it bad just sit you know great there eight mate if you're happy about being in a day then you know it's also a great but this this is not a good team and it's a it's a whole rendus often horrendous the what Landis on the defensive side of the ball you look we look at this statistics from week to week except a Rick Santorum this could be Kaski that came in when Smith went down I'll tell you what what a ball player this kit is and a lot of heart and I think well man I'm gonna tell you something you you want to let people goal you want to keep people around this is one kid you wanna keep around does he bring it he's they're mentally tough and he's there physically tough and what I was a press the bottom he's a smart football player on top of that he's got great quick this he reacts at the drop of a dime I am very very much impressed with that kid it's not it's not decides it's not as speak what it is is there's a guy that will do anything and eighties all heartened out then he lays out there but even more than that because you're right that you can't make plays like that and not be a really smart football players Rivera was a lot like that Dan what you agree as a as a linebacker absolutely and and the the safety was case in point the the the Vikings backup often to Lyman basically turning loose any ran through and made a beautiful tackle in the end zone for the safety which is the margin of victory and the ball game but two of this this what would you call it red Sox at the head coach offense of coordinator position for a name he and and and again once again the offense that scores one touchdown against a back up defense and a game that we all knew the bears desperately wanted to win because they want to be eight Nate so they could save a little face on almost every level yeah it is you said it was embarrassing it was embarrassing now I want to place a month some clips of the post game comments of navy and the quarterback here a little bit and again it's more the same cycle battle you know about we're gonna take what we did this year and and draw on it and you know keep getting better and we're gonna have each other's back and all this stuff and and I I I for one I don't know I don't know if it a lot of times you can you can I have your nose rubbed in it before you do change if making knows is not rubbed in this then he will never change and what we were talking about we had a caller say Hey do you think that they will change and and and play the players the starters in the pre season and try to you know get some some offered you timing and and tempo and and and sequencing but I do you think he will I think it's going to be strong and say no not not going to change anything because he got to eight may and this makes them all look okay he protected our general manager who has been them out outperformed in outclassed by pretty much any general manager that's still going to have a job in the National Football League he you know but they both are walking around in their puffy chest and now Matt now he's telling everybody he's a when it is coach and US history and that's great if you know you're also the the the worst scoring offense in history the bears and and we've had some bad offenses we we follow we've all been a part of those bad out well me more to you guys obviously but what we do is a bad offenses he's taken to a new level yeah I'm not saying things so bad I'm gonna jump on what you're talking about but we finally get the playoff game last year first time and what eight or ten years at home again plain Philadelphia Eagles in sixty minutes of football at home in front of the fans how many touchdowns of four scores do we score one one we open up this season at home the hundredth anniversary of the National Football League and we played who the Green Bay Packers the dreaded rivals at home in Soldier Field how many touchdowns we score none last week we played our last home game after fifteen games of a sixteen game schedule we play there the chiefs Kansas City Chiefs at home last week how many touchdowns we score none open up the season against the Packers none the last home game the fifty came in here how many touchdowns none how many touchdowns today one how many touchdowns in a playoff game against the eagles last year one and you think this guy's going to change he should be fired yep thank you you're right are you it's not even it's not even a question of liking or disliking but you know Matt Nagy from what I understand he's the sweetheart of a guy and that's great but you're paid to win football games you're paid to score points you were brought in because you were an offense of goo rule and you have done nothing and you've actually made it which is hard to do but he's taken some talented guys and made him look worse and and and by the way it Patterson give the best running back on the team they never touches the football it all your is heated again running back on the team but is playing wide receiver but doesn't that ever touch the ball three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred will will play so Amanda you going back for and we'll take some calls with causes with this to the bottom of the hour Adamo coming up at eight thirty so called saying in our stores we come back soon as we come back okay we'll get right to the calls because he hang in there seven twenty WGN do.

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