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What what did you think about that at sixty three and really enjoyed the hell pick. I think that kinda helped salvage night a little bit. That's the one big thing that separates it from last year. Is we didn't have just trade up for a player that we weren't particularly high on. But you get a follow up immediately with player that you are higher than where he went so on Thornhill versatile safety, great, cover steals her safety like van coverage spills because he played corner Virginia before all production all over the place. He's gonna thick great with tire, Matthew. He's kind of similar bowl that he can play everywhere. Like, matthew. He's probably better in my opinion is deep safety. And I'm not one hundred percent. Sure. The chiefs dope buyer Jones him at give him a chance to play corner. At some point in time on the outside is why not if he fails? He just goes back to. Safety. Yeah. Why not? I mean in you, get good value. If that's the case of I think, I thought it was a great pick as well. Obviously not keen Kaelin saw even go there right now. This is a Freudian slip. It was like it was like a slip. I knew talking to you. I had to like accidentally say keep Butler's name. But I didn't I came close. But then I said, I'm sorry I wounds still fresh. Okay, kaelin. Sounders eighty four off the board eighty fourth in the Casey draft guide. Another guy we got to see at the senior bowl and probably one of the most one prospects. We watched it the senior bowl. In. This is an interesting draft because interior defense at one class was great like there's players all over the first round that just have all the super high upside. But then once you got to the second round, I know some people were big Draymond Jones fans. I wasn't huge on him our guy trista hill. But once you got past those two guys there wasn't really a pass rushing interior defense of one besides Saunders. Like, he was the next guy in less. You're moving edge player like Zack Allen or Charles menu inside. So you sit there pick eighty four you see Saunders come up like the additional off. This is great. This is a perfect pick for the chiefs. 'cause we think that there needs to be some more into your pass rush for the chiefs Christiane displaying seventy percent of the snaps at most. He needs a little break Saunders can fill imperfectly there early on if he doesn't develop into more than that. And he just he destroyed the senior bowl he has one of the top notch Motors. It's just something you have to say. Was there anything that surprised you in the second first second or third round anybody that's still on the board? You kinda surprised by like that? So it's dumbfounded me the decay Metcalf last as long as he did like I could get while Calvin Harmon or key Butler going on day three disagree with it. And I thank the NFL's making a mistake. But I understand the concept that the NFL is a little weary over big body wide receivers that wanted to catch point rather than trading great separation, but TK Metcalf is that he's not as a super unethically player. He's got an athletic profile that teams should covet given his floor is pretty much a great deep threat and huge size. So seeing him drop that was pretty wild. And then I think just just the way the offense tackles went off the board. I think it was a little weird getting somebody to come up for Caleb mcgarry in the first round yesterday. And it just some of the way they went through this entire thing. Greg little coming off the board to get a Sioux Falls pick coming out some weed off. It's tackle. Shakes. But that happens every year is just you try to prepare for them when you're watching offense and tackles that was some of them still caught me off guard. That's many laying find on Twitter at chief in Carolina. We'll talk to you after the day. Three men. Sounds like a plan guys. It's time to close out our day to recap of the NFL draft. Chiefs have taken three players. They used pick one sixty seven to go move up from EKO hardman. So the chiefs don't pick until the two hundreds Craig I think you said Brett Vichai says don't even worry about watching the fourth round be sleeping goes..

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