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Robbery's got all torn up right in advance that I have destroyed or how many times that I have had a bike to school every day, and I was tired, hot with a little help there. It's good for you to walk so good for you to buy great. So easy. Just get dropped off by your parents. Is there someone in like the carpool lane? You know that was the school. You know you're waiting to pick your kid up and you know, they give you like a 50 Every week. You guys wanna hear first world problems, things that bug me on the road while diving with my Children is 100% of them, arguing and fighting with one another. They come in the back seat hitting each other stopping each other and I can do nothing about it, except, yeah. First World problems. Have stopped sat there playing with her tablet for their server upset. Everything's all sideways and I'm like trying to get my Starbucks now. I'd like you to pay for that, too. Williams touching me touching me touching me. He talked to me over there touching me over there, Don't you May The all Arizona Daily download number one. I'll be blunt. Tucson stinks already know that the way you do that, I'll be blunt. It really stinks. This time. Something stinks around Two sons were Ledo been neighborhood hot. So it's it's something in Ruber lead. What is it? Really? Tobin really Tobe, a neighbor. I've kind of gagged on it every once in a while. That's wonderful. That's constant. Yeah, this it's pretty strong. Are they talking about going to see the Wildcats play? Football is maybe is that is that would be it. What do you gagging on into son? Took their concerns to Pima County who investigated Jason's complaint and confirmed the aggravating aromas coming from this waste water diversion site just feet away from the park. Oh, well, you got to put it somewhere. We might as well put it in Tucson, but I always thought it was crappy place anyway. Oh, hi. Manny Rivera, with the county's wastewater services, said a couple of weeks ago that were doing testing that released stronger than normal odors so that orders are going to go down. But very soon we're gonna have a project that will actually go in and remove that structure and replace it with a new one. So it's like in a park or two sons Parks open. Do they have the grill's open there? I hope so. Now you should have the girl's dangerous that is in your park in the parking lot again, Dangerous, super dangerous. Very dangerous neighborhood, huh? Parking neighborhoods that don't want you there. Something stinks around to son s O dead for a long time. When I lived in Palm Springs. We used to have this mystery odor and it was rotten eggs and it was from the salt and see it was all the soul for you. It would smell for days like brought the eggs. It was just assaulted scene. Remember, the salt seats really means No, we're going around in it and stuff. Is nowhere to put one of those plug ins. Now there's not, you know. Oh, my goodness. You know those plug ins work really good, But it's a big plug in. I mean, you have become a plug in the need for two sons, really Tobin neighborhood. I've kind of gagged on it every once in a while, it's called stupid. Yeah, it sounds like he's holding strong with constant spell. Well, you have to You think you're looking at your neighbors know what is going on? What if he's just is this you did you like It's like it's not really what it is. It's almost like to some party. It's true. Don't you smelt it dealt it in your bay neighborhood. What do you three years old? I am have you seen my eating habits? Yes. You have the palate of a three year old What you have today. Chicken fingers? No, I didn't have a burger. Okay, took everything off that burden. You know, there's a catch up short because the cove it there's a catch A package shortage because of all was taken. Oh, yeah. So it's the packages. Nobody has package. We got one package. Yes. Much. Say there was one packet was one I asked for bunch. They give me one. They give you one. They gave me one to give you one catch a pack One catch packs for three prize. Yeah, that's an outrage. Someone tailing channels, but brought to you by Parkinson's plumbing electrical. They do not think they're amazing. They're incredible. Two time winner of the better Business Girls Ethics award Very something stinks around two sons. Coming up. Next guy went to college and spend a lot of money to get a degree, so he could do stories ago. Something steaks and things are how much money would it take for you to get the vaccine? Everyone's got a price. That's five bucks sound that's next. The game goes to chat show in for Becky Lynn Peter single K G a R News flash at 3 15. Here's what you need to know. Right now. President Biden says his six.

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