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Moisture now, they call an atmosphere river, but I think they're using the atmospheric river term because you can apply it anywhere in the world. Now, we've got this atmospheric river, it's basically I mean, it's just it's it's a cold front. With a plume of moisture that's writing the jet stream. That's all it is. But now we have the atmospheric river at some point some kooks are probably gonna try tied into global warming, which is just acid. I bet again those people come from that camp called camp asinine. Where's it located? Well, uranus. To be repeated several times throughout the show. So it's here we've got the wind and we've got the rain, and we've got flooding which will ensue and we've got power outages that sadly will probably occur. And there's a lot of talk of slides mudslides, and maybe even some houses slider. Go there's that little area Pleasanton that has been in the crosshairs, we haven't seen massive flood massive mudslides. Thank god. For a long time. I know what? I just started doing the weather in the San Francisco Bay area. This is going way back. I mean, this is like early eighties. We had those two Munster storms. In the sense that hit especially the Santa Cruz mountains. There was the love creek to this day the the flooding in that area in the mudslides in that area. There are still homes that you can't find the homes were buried you. Can't find them. They're just under dirt. Nope. They're they're gone. And then there was also the slide. I think I can't remember the year. But this was in Pacifica. Nice day at Pacifica just went and gosh, I remember talking to neighbors. There was a house that was just completely buried and the people in it were buried alive. And I remember talking to the neighbors because you know, this. There was just this big roar, and then the mountain came down, and it covered the house extra say they look out their door. And there's just hurt. There's no house anymore. So, you know, we just pray nothing like that happens because the grout, here's my point the ground is saturated right now we've reached saturation. We've got a heavy dose of rain coming in. At some point in time. It's just a hydrological issue. You get all that dirt on stop on top of the clay. And the dirtiest goes. And it is a deep groan that is absolutely chilling when that takes place. Let's hope we don't hear that grown up in the high Sierra, you know, if we're getting inches of rain that means they're getting feet of rain. Generally, speaking average, conditions, one inch of rain equals about a foot of rain a foot of snow up there, so inches of rain here feet of snow up that way, and you'll have the avalanches. And let's hope we don't have the big slides up there. I remember some of those nasty slides. Gosh. I remember northstar when. Half half the village went. So we have chain requirements this morning on eighty one mile east of Baxter all the way to the Donner lake interchange. Okay. That's pretty good piece of road chains on fifty required from twin bridges to Meyers. Okay. I don't see any closures maritime. Katie. It just Cal trans in these situations. They do a great job. But there's only so much. You can do your fighting nature. Right. And you know, unless you got a caravan of snowplows going twenty four seven you you can't keep up with it. I'll keep an eye out for any closures might build this morning. But as of right now, we're just looking at chain requirements through say by afternoon. Yeah. Because this guy is still coming in. We even have chain requirements on four from Arnold all the way to mount REBA. Yeah. That's yeah. Valley there. Yeah. Yeah. So that's the deal. That is the deal. We've got a big storm. We'll be talking a lot about that four one five eight zero eight fifty six hundred just get the number out there on this a whistle blower Winston hand, you know, I really wish we had a meteorologist on the show that'd be gay. Whistle blower Wednesday. There's a lot of whistleblower to do first of all no one wants to talk about this in the age of Trump. See the Democrats don't complain about this because they don't complain about this. But you're not getting any Republicans complaining about this. The national debt is top twenty two trillion dollars. That's frightening to me is. I'm just one guy. I don't know a lot of money when it's coming out of our pockets. Well, at some point in time, the piper is going to have to be paid out. How you do that? But anyway, we'll we'll talk about that this morning. Let me go through the high level stuff. I got we got a lot lighter side and some real heart tugging stuff as well. Liz Cheney she her dad used to be vice-president. Therefore, she's automatically hated Washington. DC state of Wyoming comes she comes with the deal. She's the new Senator she's really sharp and she took out a bunch of Greenies yesterday or for this new green deal. She said, okay. May I ask this question? I first question is how did you all arrive in Washington DC plane plane airplane plane plane, nobody heard a bike or walked one guy said I road. I drove my pick out. Okay. It was one guy. We've got that. Guys. Hated this morning. Sure. No. He's the hero. Oh, real me. He he drove it a pickup. He's the hero saying by the left though. No, the left loves him. Because he drove it a pickup truck as opposed to flying by playing there. Oh, okay. I what I'm saying. Sorry, I can't keep up with all their standards. Well, yeah, I'm moving pretty quick this morning. So we've got the green deal was Cheney stumps them you'll hear that for yourself. Then it'll all make sense. Trump rips, the Muslim congresswoman Omar for her antisemitic tweets, he I mean, he he just he tears into are good. I like to hear the same tearing into by the Democrats and somebody Jewish supporters of the democrat party. I mean, come on wake up and smell the coffee people. We've got we've got the deal on the wall, and what Trump's gonna do because I think he's going to sign this deal that then he's gonna find money any way to build the wall. Also, speaking of building the wall. Ted cruz. The Senator from Texas had a great idea, and that is El Chapo was convicted yesterday. El Chapo, the assets that we were able to seize on this guy. Are you ready for this Katie Sherry listeners ready fifteen billion dollars, which she dude was I mean, the operation he had smuggling drugs into this country. And you know, he he did it going across that porous border. If we've got such a great border. I mean, how does he how did he do it fifteen billion? So we've got fifteen billion worth of his assets. Apparently and Ted Cruz to say, okay? Well, there's your buddy for the wall. Right. I've El Chapo, build it, just take his money and build the wall. I love that idea. What else would they be using it for anyway? Right. As I go is going to the general fund goes the general fund. So use it for the wall like reparations great idea. I love it. So then you've got the high speed rail Gavin Newsom comes out, and he he. He says he doesn't want the high speed rail. He did it in a state of the state yesterday. But if then his okay, so he says the high-speed where he doesn't call it the rail to know where but he basically says this is not a smart idea. It's just not good snuck into work. But then later in the day after we gave the state of the state he said, he's still open to the high speed rail. So he says one thing at a state of the state probably received all sorts of flack, and then by the end of the day acquiesces, civil talk about that. See nobody else is going to talk about this. But we will in the cancer morning show. Got a family, and then Alexandria or take. What's your name will crazy? Oh cortes. She. Oh, you should hear where she's living. We got the skinny on that one. By gofundme me. The. Up in Napa. There's a family that's in hot water because this is this a ranching family that killed a mountain lion that was killed livestock. So now, they're in trouble that killed him outline that was killing their livestock. So they're in trouble for that. And let's see what else we got here. Oh, and then just some of the some of the lighter side stuff. We got a seven year old bikes down a busy highway.

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