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We're seeing these teams kind of evaluating on the go, so maybe I'll save kind of the answer of that question. For, for, as we get further into the group final match of the day, France Norway, France ends up winning this one to two one there's some controversy at the end. Of course, we will get to that. But another big picture question. When we had these two teams in the same group, I think people thought there was a pretty big difference between France and Norway, then after the first round of games, France and Norway were two of the more impressive team. So then I think people are like, oh, maybe these teams are are more on even footing. Right. So then it became this thing like, oh, this is going to be a great game. We've got two very good teams. Then I saw people on Twitter during the game like this is the best match to the tournament. Did you feel aesthetically? It was the best match of the tournament. You I thought I thought both teams had tactical plans that were interesting in that. And that force the other team to to fail is out why with different things the best game I thought well after seeing France basically dismantled everyone, but Germany, this year, I didn't know how I don't I was like I wonder, how Norway is going to stop them with the tools that they had. And I tweeted out, I'm worried about north ways, left side, and again, Norway's left side was weaken vulnerable in that first half I almost want of DA cry. Does this. I think if she purposely just goes down there left side, and this is Johnny and Torrens right side. And then the second half, you know, suits, they totally switch when the other side. Yeah. And so either that is a tactical change, or that is a purposeful change. Where it's like, okay, you guys remember. We are better side. France is our left side. We need to use Magyari and we need us loose mayor. So I thought Norway's tactical plan was amazing. I was texting with my friend that is doing Norway commentary, and she wasn't calling this game, and I was like, how do you beat them and she's like I have no idea. But what they did decide to do is they, they gave up their attacking strength. They gave up their attacking players and drop them deeper made them play Graham Hanson deeper role Angan stepped up and played a much better game than she did against Norway. I mean against Nigeria, and they played more defensively and, but they did it in a way in which the midfield pressed..

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