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Donald Trump must bust Facebook Amazon net flicks Gogol monopolies like teddy Roosevelt. He starts here by suggesting reminding you just finished reading a book by a law professor at Columbia named Tim Wu. Am name of the book. It's on antitrust in the name of the book is the cursive bigness, and the biggest takeaway is that President Trump has an opportunity to follow in teddy Roosevelt's footsteps. Big monopolies are not just an economic threat. They are a political threat and because they're largely free of market constraints because they they don't have any competition. They don't have to put all their energy into making a better product for less money. They can put a lot of their energy into political manipulation of protect their monopolies. These are people who are Uber leftists whether you're talking Amazon net, flicks, Google Facebook. They are all Uber leftists, and they're not just setting up their systems here to make money, they're setting up their systems to influence public opinion. Chuck Schumer's daughter just got married over the weekend. Turns out what we learned at Chuck Schumer's daughter works at Facebook. Chuck Schumer's daughter makes six figures at Facebook Facebook donated fifty gram to Chuck Schumer's campaign. That's just one example. Facebook google. Twitter is not but they ought to be there. All part. Of an online monopoly that controls. The flow of information that controls the flow of opinion that is openly restrictive to Republican and conservative ideas. It is punitive toward those ideas. It basically is eliminating them. And there's nothing anybody can do. Conservatives can appeal conservatives can ask conservatives can request and they are laughed at. And then there are told that they're imagining things there isn't any bias. There's no such thing as liberal bias. There's no such thing as media bias. And there's no such thing as Facebook or Google bias. You're just paranoid. Yet, do a Google search on any subject that involves conservatism and see where they send you see what they're saying about you. Facebook's. News digest is at daily contemptible hit piece on conservatism featuring lies and miss representations. And they are they have no competition. They're buying up the competition. Facebook buys up what's app. Facebook buys up Instagram. They control virtually every aspect of it. Mr. Reynolds point here is that in a monopolistic circumstance like this. We are way beyond the concept of fairness and unfairness here. That this is the idea of free press is being stored on its head here. There isn't a free press. These outfits are monopolizing against a free press and eliminating. The opinions and thinking and thoughts of well over half the people of this country. They are financially bankrolling democrat after democrat after democrat after leftist 'cause after leftist cost from wacko environmentalism to transgender isn't any number of of left wing issues. And they are at the same time denying such participation do any opposing point of view while being destructive at the same time. The more concentrated the industry the more corrupt. We can expect the political process to be and concentrated it is it's to the point that if a Facebook employee happens to be a good friend of bread Kavanagh and shows up at the cavenaugh hearings to show support Facebook employees demand that he be fired. We're talking about an executive at Facebook was told to stop going or he would lose his job. This is the employees demanding this of management, and even at the employees were not demanding it of management management would be so inclined. So Reynolds concludes that today things look a lot like teddy Roosevelt era was standard oil and J P Morgan a few monopolies occupy much of the tech world Facebook, Amazon Netflix and Google they gobble up potential competitors. As Facebook did with what's happened Instagram? You're only need to look at the recent multi-ethnicity scramble for Amazon second headquarters to see how much power these companies wheeled Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man nonetheless managed to get the state of New York to build him a helipad and to give him a tax break of nearly seventy thousand dollars per employee. These new tech monsters rights Glenn Reynolds, have a one two punch that standard. Oil. Didn't have not only do they? Control immense wealth and important industries, but their fields of operation, give them direct political power that in many ways exceeds that of the monopolies of the teddy Roosevelt era, and this is exactly right. They should be busted up. They are monopolies controlling the flow of information. There's nothing free about the press or the medium any which way. Let me give you an illustration of this. It's it's kinda connected. Last friday. The New York Times did a big hit piece on Facebook. Facebook is being hit by the media for a lot of reasons. The reason Facebook got hit. By the New York up five reporter hit piece. Now, supposedly Zuckerberg the founders looking at firing Cheryl Sandberg who runs the place because he doesn't know what he's doing not old enough yet to be a CEO something so big, and she doesn't know what she's doing either. But she's a good liberal good women left us to lean in this kind of stuff where she fits the Bill. Facebook got hit by the New York Times for not doing enough to stop Russian meddling on their website. There wasn't any again. The polling information I shared with you earlier that shows that forty two percent of the American people believe that the Russians actually tampered with votes. That's what Russian collusion has come to mean to forty two percent of the American people. And so part of the hoax is that the Russians were using Facebook to tamper with votes. You have some weirdo Russian tro farms running ads after the election. Iran ads after the election. They ran up pittance a hundred thousand dollars worth of ads. They didn't run enough adds to affect one smidgen of one percent of anybody. But because Facebook did not deny them Facebook is being hit by the others in the media for not punishing the Russians. Which means that Facebook, actually facilitated Trump's election. This is how outrageous this is. There wasn't any Russian collusion. And there wasn't any Russian meddling. And the New York Times does a hit piece on Facebook for allowing the Russians to do what they didn't do. That's how pervasive this entire hoaxes men. So there's a reason beyond this that the New York Times and others are going after Zuckerberg and Facebook. And you know, what it is Facebook's bigger than the New York Times and Facebook has the chance to steal advertising away from New York Times has been Facebook. And its monopoly is beginning to victimize the New York Times. The New York Times is making up all these bogus reasons why Facebook is a danger because they're not liberal enough because they didn't do enough to stop the Russians. The Russians didn't need to be stopped. The Russians didn't have one thing to do with the two thousand sixteen election. And not every all Zuckerberg would have to do is stand up and say this whole New York Times story is bogus. There wasn't any Russian meddling that determine the outcome of the election of we did not facilitate or make it happen. But Zuckerberg can't because he's got the support the myth to. He's got this fall right in line along with everybody else in the left that the Russians stole the election that there were meddling in tampering with votes. This does not let Facebook off the hook. Don't misunderstand. Facebook is now losing subscribers are losing members supposedly at a record clip. But regardless. This has become untenable. The social media constructive today. If the left love to throw it the word fairness. They're obsessed by it. There isn't any fairness there anything approaching fairness in the social media universe. Busting them up as monopolies is not to facilitate conservatism, it is to help American consumers providing competition and so forth, which they these companies are all shutting out by buying up. Gotta take a break. We'll be back. You're.

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