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Yeah it seems to be a social justice warrior correct. This is exact language that you get from Social Justice Warriors. That they're they're they're about justice for the little man. The the the abused person which it is justice to stand up for the person who is a true victim but notice and look by the way this language has literally right out of Communist Manifesto. We noticed it's not it's he's not for justice of the wronged no the little man against the rich and powerful in what he has written. He is assuming that if you're rich and powerful you're automatically wrong. Yeah that's Marxist philosophy. Yes so Ma Marxism. But maybe maybe we're just guessing. Oh but wait. L- let's let's look whereas the article he wrote here we go so he wrote an article. This is in two thousand fourteen. So this is before Thomas White was at Cedar Vill. Okay so because I believe Thomas got there in two thousand fifteen. So what do you see Cedar Ville Page Patterson Al Muller Tough TIMES FOR FEMALE PROFESSORS? That's the article now. Look at the lines. I'm going to highlight some things and read these things to see. This is the guy who's breaking the story. Cdl on everyone's taking with this guy saying and just see you can see. Here's all the articles he is he has written on Cedar Ville Except for that one that I showed you So this is if we if we go through these We have One two three four five six seven eight nine ten articles on Cedar Ville with one of them being why Thomas White should resign an open letter to Thomas White and so he starts a petition to get rid of Thomas White Right. He's got this open letter but he had the issue with with CDL long before as as we ended up seeing here. And I'm going to. I WanNa read some some parts of this For us to to see all right so this this Guy Todd Wilhelm rights for his. His blog is called the the WARTBURG. Watch so this says quote. The WARTBURG watch commit community extends it sympathies to female pastors who have been mistreated solely due to their gender at Christian colleges and universities and seminaries. Now that's right there. Sounds like he's putting some stuff in here. That sounds awful. Lot like social justice that it's just because they're a female now. He makes arguments here with Al Molar about conception and adoption he basically makes the case that these guys limit their families are muller page. Patterson they don't have big families like the Doug Doug are also wrong. They should be adopting people. But here's where he gets into Cedar. Ville Cedar Villas is experiencing an exodus of female faculty. And so he. He says no no a watching noses he says W that's for the. The WARTBURG watch has been contacted by several on several occasions through the years by anonymous female employees at Cedar Cyrille. Why anonymous. Well he's he gives some reasons for but you know going into the history but the thing is that if they're anonymous do we know that they actually existed no okay. We don't know that they could be making it up to do I think he is. I don't know but listen. There's a thing about the bloggers December bloggers typically guys that do disarmament pattern. They start off typically the guys that that start off the break some big story and everyone checks that out and then they got to keep that going the break another story another story and then they gotta keep that that pattern going. So what are they doing? They start cutting corners. They start misrepresenting people and a lot of times these guys outright lie and they justify it because they say well. It's okay because you know this guy is in the wrong and you'll find a lot of those discernment Bloggers Never Attend Church because no church agrees with them And I don't know where I don't know if he's at a church or not but but I want you to want to skip down to this and see You know so. He says suddenly women's start resigning and can't say anything because they signed confidentiality agreements. I do not blame these women. For signing these agreements in the business world severance payments are often tied to confidentiality in in other words. They may need that income to support their families. So it's he's reading into the the what he's doing here is leading his audience. He's he's he's not giving actual fact he's leading them into believing something that he's just assuming something and then give some personal opinion but the fact is that he doesn't prove that they're actually leaving because of their gender that they're being forced to leave okay so he ends up saying the university is Cedar Vale. Has Says it has plenty of women in each department. Okay so I guess this was when when Dr White I got there because it says White said that nothing has changed so I think that As Women Department. So here's the thing if this was when White was here then there may be a different reason why they were leaving because what we said in the beginning of the program Dr White was giving them contracts and if the if these women were social justice warriors you know they were Egalitarians and knock complementary ins. They wouldn't have been able to sign the the doctoral statement and they were left. The navy might have had an ax to grind. They come to a blogger like this now. Are they wrong? Well if you're if you're hired by a Christian University and you don't agree with its doctrinal statement. You shouldn't be there. You should have the integrity not to be there so one of the things that you know. He goes on with some stuff. But here's where I wanted to focus in notice what he says. Here women teaching the Bible to men is quote UN Biblical Unquote in university settings as well question mark. That's a question that he's asking. And then this is what he says. That the blogger. I find this unsettling many of the complementary stop there if he was a complimentary in he would say many many complimentary or many of us. Complementarities put them as an outside group. Leads me to believe that. He's Egalitarian. That he's again more evidence that he's probably Social Justice Warrior. Many complimentary claim that the only place woman cannot teaches within the local church. Don't believe them. It appears that they will also extend this teaching far beyond the local church and seminaries in an into academia who knows how much further it will extend now. He goes on to talk about some stuff with page. Patterson I find this kind of interesting. Though at the end his conclusion he had something about how Muller Says L. Muller Southern Baptist Seminary also has also has some concerning statistics with women faculty He says there's ninety five men and five women now as of today Anthony. How how many. What's the mental women ratio at Cedar Hill? Well there's more female students I'll say that I then male but male sixty two percent and female thirty seven almost thirty eight percent okay for the ratio know. I don't know if that's outside of the realm of a secular college. I mean it wouldn't probably wouldn't have been at my university my Alma Mater. Excuse me but would you end up seeing is. Here's what he says to sum this up and pointing this out. Because I WANNA point out that I believe personally that maybe this blogger. Whoever wins using to go after Dr White and and poison the well before the investigation? They're assuming in all these articles. The assumption is that village. Church says they say gave all the information. They're saying they gave all the information and so the assumption is village. Church wouldn't lie. It must be Thomas White. Who's lying however we know that village church has a history of not naming the sin when a pastor sins okay violation of scripture. We know that they take these. We know that they've also disciplined someone who was in the. Who was the one being wronged? They've disciplined victim and had to apologize for and they least admitted it was sin. But look at what this guy. This blogger that everyone's referring to has said to sum up this that he has on the on the academics with female professors summing it up the `authoritarian gender driven crowd appears to be making a full court. Press to get women out of Christian academia however it was sure nice of them to be able to limit their size of their families so their wives could lead conferences and seminary programs designed to make sure women have lots of children and stay at home. No that that's what the the beginning part of the article he's talking about conception and adoption and things like that now notice what he's doing. I you can read the article. You're not gonNA see anywhere. Where all molar or page? Patterson are saying that. The reason that they didn't have a large family was set. Their wives could Speak at conferences or lead seminary programs so just for the record that is a logical fallacy. Okay he's he's coming to a conclusion with absolutely no support and the whole thing. What you end up seeing is he. Is he poisons the well and he's doing it throughout this whole articles this way. Okay now he does say please understand deb and I Did stay at home with our children. I don't know what he does for a living that you know. He could not actually have to work while eighteen years. His kids were being raised that he could just stay at home just saying but but he knows how he described the authoritarian gender driven crowd. This does not sound like a complimentary in this. Sounds like an egalitarian. In fact this sounds like a social justice warrior. Now why do I bring this up? I bring this up for this reason. He's calling for Dr White's removal. What do we know about Matt Chandler? Well Matt Chandler's woke in other words. Matt Chandler is now becoming a social justice warrior. Could it be that he is not going after Matt Chandler for Matt Chandler's failure because he's more interested in getting Thomas White who's not woke a conservative? Who has the nerve to take liberal professors and say you can leave if you want to those female pastors if they were Egalitarians and they left because they couldn't sign the doctoral statement. They got two years salary. They got to work for one year if they found a job in that year. Guess what they got a full year's salary bonus because they went to some of the if they're making eighty. I think the average college professor Christian College so to make the average college professor makes about one hundred thousand dollars Christian. College may be sixty. But would you think it is a good thing to go to another university and be able to make sixty grand. That'd be nice I you know I don't blame people. I would love to be able to leave their job and get a year salary. Be a nice thing. Yeah you'd like that right after I wait you fired yourself unsold your business not order your order. We actually wait a minute. This just dawned on me. So did you fire your wife as well sit down and eating or the staff let them further. We sold the business. I actually made the joke that I fired. Julie and I said that I sold the business and I got this nasty Jillian standing there. Yeah I guessing that would be good for a video and reason picking this up. Is You know this guy. That's doing this and writing these things. This has now been picked up by Christianity today. And it's getting a lot of attention but what's what are you have? You haven't all coming from one side from a potential social dresses warrior. That is that would be after Thomas White. Because there's there's very few universities left. Look you look at the universities. I I know of two that I recommend Cedar Villes is been number one in master's universities number two. Now if you're going for business degree master's would probably be better because they're more business degree oriented if you're going into the Sciences Cedar. Bill is going to be better. I mean masters just doesn't have much in the way the scientists like Cedar Villainous and but that's about it and look they tried to get rid of Macarthur. What happened with Macarthur Macarthur? They tried saying. Oh like soon as if you remember Anthony. When when we came out with the statement of Social Justice in the Gospel we waited for MacArthur to sign that when Macarthur signed that..

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