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If you're in might Minson emergency, it could be like his service manager, all there should be responsibility on those people maybe inside of responsibility, but maybe some education towards is can create that environment and a little bit more just being aware of it psych. What Nick was signing alia today about knowledge is pale in the mall. PayPal awaken getting front of and push more information into them in ink, get them to get that law all moment. If there was a Boston Baloch way out rod, I guy if someone rings me up and they having a top Thome of might just taking Kaplan, is this someone you could go and say, you look out yourself is why you should have drawn Galabat things to to increase. You will bang. And then even just on Monday morning, I run rooks in your your own going with zero net. Is everyone feeling good so travels if you do that, if we hang up here, run of everyone just come a chance me whenever stock that basically just normalizing it and pay note having to feel stocking in the Kunar and. Funny, it hard to to say health it sorta types quarter discerning. Well, maybe not. I mean, I was gonna to taxi. This signing put us into to soda hollow those people that might not might not be the right track. But then again, it's more of a paradigm shift is in at the end of the day, we've business is business owners and managers and that kind of thing. You get so caught up in, you know, in the deliverables and running the job and making sure that everything's happening correctly that you sort of lose track of, you know these other things and help feeling and what mental state there let go onto stuff that often come as a result of the whip gang bang, crack, too. Yeah, and it's an and that's exactly. Well, you know, we're in situations where Cuarto and you know, I love we live job to job. You know what I mean? And most of the time you're competing against other other building companies tried to win jobs, you know? So in a sense, you know you competing against each other on one level, but you've sort of scifi on Cape the work coming in keeping the boys busy over ING seems you know, you got high. You gotta keep the boss happy. You got the kids to put food on the table. Where's where's toll on yourself and and yet. And whereas Tom to sort of implement some of these measures when when the crux of businesses as cash flow and taping incapable visit, keeping the business of flight log question for that, I liked what's the common denominator between your relationship with MRs your work? You might what's the denominator in all those things, all components of your life that you talk about cash flow Boland. If you break them, then cash flow is gonna be relevance if you, if you can't..

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