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Uh it's it's i mean it's obviously willful and naive and all that but it's nice and then the first line of dialogue basically the first real line of dialogue the first like x x position is rutger hauer coming on screen and saying this space station is to have you were going off into the deep breaches of space and make it kind of goes off on its own so then the second seen the second sequence is basically a short film it's a short film that is kind of an avatar knock off you have these aliens were like big and kind of gangly and they they have their own uh uh you know uh culture and society in its essentially a short film that is also a silent film it's very well done it like you can you can follow the action without quite understanding exactly what's happening you see these aliens living in peace with their their society in you know the eu they are in harmony with nature you know they're thereof they're they're all getting along together and they're they're replenishing what they take from the sea and cetera so this is all very well that again and this all comes to a crashing end when ships come smashing into the planet like wreckage of ships come smashing into the planet and destroys everything there's very touching moment where the like daughter of the queen of the society is trapped outside of the ship where these people have kind of um uh a cordon themselves off and again this is actually a very solid piece of filmmaking it is just a it is a show don't tell masterpiece it is you know here is here is how everything works they could have gotten rid of all the subtitles and it would work just as well.

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