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Donald Trump won white voters by 20 points. But this year, public opinion polls show Joe Biden outperforming Hillary Clinton with white voters in general. Good afternoon Winnebago Democratic. Tell me helpyou Winnebago County, Wisconsin went for Barack Obama twice in 2008 and again in 2012, but then flipped to trump in 2016 6 months ago. I was scared because I was your defendant to 16 election were so confident. We never seen stuff like this. This is Unbelievable. Pan Henkel is a volunteer coordinator for Democrats in Winnebago County. That's southwest of Green Bay in 2016, the party wasn't even sure it could keep paying rent on its headquarters. Now, with all the donations flowing in, Henkel says they have enough in the bank to pay rent in advance for the whole year. I'm now I've got my own tears. I'm not even knowing where to put them. He did have another gentleman this morning. Come in and say he wouldn't vote out looking again and he was voting Democrat and took Biden signs one thing, Hankel says is accelerating the shift the Corona virus outbreak in Wisconsin. My plan will crush the virus and will make Wisconsin greater than ever before. That's what's going on. In a visit to Janesville, Wisconsin this past week, the president told a crowd of supporters not to worry. You know you have a spike, you have a search. But if you remember two months ago, Florida had a big search hospitalizations in Wisconsin have more than tripled in the past month. A couple hours south of Winnebago County, a field hospital just opened up on the grounds of the Wisconsin State Fair one day said he's been voting Republican for over 40 years. But he doesn't think he could go back to being a Republican. Because of the way they're thinking and the way that supported Trump..

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