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Are very adamant that <hes> the sovereignty that that would be an infringement uh-huh sovereignty so his point attack on Finland he went and looked you know complained. Finland have no constitutional court you know he went into some of the minutiae of how judges are appointed and and he I mean it's quite common in his rhetoric that he tries to point to a double. Double Standard in the E._U.. <hes> and elsewhere that that that people are attacking Hungary because they have a more conservative they'll liberal view on on how the world should be organizer. How you're organizing state <hes> compared to other other countries and <hes> the Finns we acted quite quite strongly immediately afterwards and I think that it's kind of <hes> setting up <hes> an ideological battle that that or continue to you use in his in his political communication now he was a big supporter of us? You'll Vonda lion in her bid. For the presidency of the European Commission. He's due to meet with her later this week to think that he can expect it to be receptive to his ideas indeed. He was a big supporter and he in his speech <hes> expressed the glee that that Hungary he said and the other before countries were able to squash the candidacy of of who he said were political gorillas <hes> Frans Timmermans Nepal's and <hes> <hes> my mental Jaber from Germany and and he what's interesting is that they really made a big effort to portray misunder lions <hes> victory is the success of Hungary as of the four countries but what they and usually they do so by pointing out I think in his speech he said she's a very practical woman and the mother of seven children and that's been something that he's he's trumpeted quite regularly regularly in what he what or bonded and other have not said is that you know she has been. She's criticized Hungary in two thousand fifteen for its treatment of migrants <hes> she's criticized Poland <hes> and express support for the position in the past I <hes> and she has you know articulates a vision of Europe. That's quite federalist. <hes> I think that he that that they have every incentive to try to start off on the right foot <hes> and and the the what I what I'm often told him would have passed that <hes> they expect this underlay into B be aware of the hack that she's in her position because of Hungary and the other Vinaigrette Grete four countries so Slovakia and Czech Republic and and and to be understanding of their position <hes> and how Sunderland <hes> will will behave in the first meeting or <hes> subsequently and guest but I do think that <hes> <hes> she may we'll probably not stop the rule of law procedures <hes> against Hungary that have been initiated the article seven proceedings. Thanks very much indeed. That's Valerie Hopkins of the F. T. Yeah and it's time to talk business now. With upshot rutty from couth shut quite a focus on climate change this morning our environmental environmental protests shaking corporate boards yeah I mean we see them on streets and <hes> we wonder that they have any impact and I thought this story from the F._D._A.. Made it clear that they can have impact <hes> I'm so there's a group called climate action one hundred plots which was set up only two years ago and it has <hes> investors that <hes> manage about the d three trillion dollars of assets and what this group is done is is taking what we see on the streets and brought them to the attention of corporate boards so they're asking companies like oil companies B._P.. or Shell or even retail companies like Unilever or cement companies needs which are big emitters <hes> like <hes> Lafarge Holcim to change how corporate boards operate they want to. They want them to have someone who's specifically on the board of only to deal with the with the risks. It's that time of change <hes> puts forth <hes> and that sort of top down change is crucial if we are to hit climate goals absolutely then onto a story from your own organ from courts talking about extreme temperatures feeling dangerous climate feedback feedback loop. Tell us more so we had <hes> we had a heatwave. It's gone. I.

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