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The the giovane holland hit stick on. Johnny smith we all saw him. Do a somersault ball. Came out and then exergen howard. I mean jake. We sat here and we continue to say probably the best player on this entire team. And then you know with all the stuff that happened this off season to have him come out there when they were doing everything they could not get the near him. He went up there and made a play. I mean that was just awesome to see and That streak continues now for the miami dolphins. They are now twenty three consecutive games with a turnover. The last team failed to create a tournament was against the bills back on november seventeenth of two thousand nineteen. The team record is forty two so i hope i didn't accept but the key is miami. Dolphins success last season was turning getting takeaways. And you know trying to capitalize on that plane enough on offense to not turn the ball over. I think you saw that in this game and ultimately the got the win. And i think that's what so many people are forgetting is that the dolphins won this game. No matter how ugly it was no matter. How much yards to mack. Jones dickson dunks at the end of the day. The dolphins are now wanna know on top of the afc east and you gotta feel pretty damn good about it no matter how ugly it will just and that's such an important factor to keep in mind here. I forgot who is talking about. It might have been eric rowe. Who was saying that. You know their offensive playmakers. I think bows gasoline. Who are walking around the facility with football's all the time and the defensive guys are always trying to punch him out and so when we get frustrated about maybe a opposing running back and spinning forward and getting an extra two yards. He can carry us body a little boy or the dolphins give all these things don'ts every single one of these tackles. The dolphins are trying to strip the ball so while the dolphins are giving up these. You know the the band's. I hate using bend but don't break but that's truly what they're doing they're making you be so perfect because you had to not only catch the ball. You had to move up field. Gotta get past the chains. And then you've got to not let it get stripped and we saw the dolphins. I think i think the patriots fumbled four times. I think they recovered two of them. But i mean all those yards. Don't matter if it doesn't result points and the one drive that jones scored on. I mean there is that questionable roughing the passer called it. Really set them up. And then andrew wrinkled dissolve reception jacoby buyers. But i think josh be kind of look at how the dolphins are gonna win. The yards truly don't mean anything. It's all about that third down conversion rate. I think despite the dolphins actually led the patriots convert eleven of sixty nine third down again it resulted in just one touchdown because you know you can go sixty yards but if we pop the ball out after five attempts we are guaranteed to get it one out of every eight nine times might like ugly times but no the odds just kind of even out that way. It is so unpredictable. It's weird despite being unpredictable predictable. You're absolutely right you know. I hate that we're sitting here and we're going to spend some time on it but what was your thought on that play because that to me was just. I understand the rule and stand. You know you can't go low at a quarterback but let's be honest mack. Jones was twisting. You already conceded that sack. And what else was land roberts supposed to do. After he literally just went through a guy so i hated that the fact that it led to their only scoring drive of the day. i mean. no one's talking about that and it's crazy to me on. We're sitting here jake. And we are kind of all over the place so maybe we should just go back to square one. Just you know. Focus on the offense that maybe the defense. So i have written down here. Two hundred fifty nine total yards on offense. I believe seventy four that came on the ground miles gasco at nine carries for forty nine yards. So i beg on my face with him being my fantasy prediction. But i don't know how you fell jake. I mean to a win out there. Executes went sixteen at twenty seven two hundred two yards one touchdown one interception at interception was ugly. I don't know what he was trying to do there. He admitted he was trying to throw the ball out of bounds but It definitely didn't get there. You almost had another pick earlier in the game. But i mean again against the new england defense against bill belichick who we continue to hear. You know has not lost as many games against a rookie quarterback up until when against two time i lo- i mean i thought he went out there and you know did just enough. I guess to win this game yet. Josh one hundred percent rate. And i had to start with. I think arm strength and the assumption was the perfect example of people. Talk about when they're saying you know how much of arm strength is a quarterback. Because i think people don't really necessarily think went to a You know hits a huge bomb down the field whether it was deke. Grant that ball. That should have been a punch down to. Albert wilson accepted. Offensive bag made incredible play. People are gonna look at that and say to a heads on straight but when you see him on the run and he gets it. I mean that was trying to go to bounce josh. That was like five five yards away. And i'm not trying to bash. But that's just kind of it is what it is and to make that play a little more interesting josh. What the hell's going on. Make the second because he had to say on that ball twice. I mean i'm not saying he should have caught it but just the general. Where was he today. You know you're talking about devante. Parker here in ever down four receptions on seven targets for eighty one yards. I said on a previous podcast with all these speedy wide receivers. The unicorn of this group has devante parker you know. He fits that traditional motive the number one receiver when he's in that one on one coverage like we saw with jesse jackson know going up there. Making those randy moss type plays. And i am going to continue to say he mawson that. Because i don't know if you saw jakpa. Jesse jackson at the end of this game had a quote the said about that thirty our reception but abundant it was all me. He didn't really do nothing. It was all my fault. I gave him that so Jake i know you wear glasses. I two working eyeballs. But what the hell is talking about because like again. Dvd went up there. And you know snatched smash up all of the heavens like it was a white dove from the sky on that thirty our completion so Like the way devante. Parker went out there and play football jake yet josh and they really need to leon some sort of veteran. We don't really know what's happening like sticky. I don't think he was even targeted. I did i. did i see that right. He's on a let me check but he's definitely on amilcar after that game because he did not do anything and just those kind of the thing. That was interesting because when you think of opening weekend you really do want lean on those veterans. I think that's why the patriots lead david harrison much admitted on offensive line. So much so. I felt that was an interesting that he wasn't really at bald. Obviously already kinda pan. Jalen waddell there. But josh tell me what about the eichenberger i mean. No one really expected this. He comes in. He started up tackle and to me. This was looked kind of like the candidates situation when he was released by the patriots. You know he said that in you know i started the games. I started the preseason games and the reports came out thousands of starter up sharp during practice. It was it was. Jones was getting all the all the snaps. He said that he was getting. Maybe two reps with the first game compared to back jones getting eight or nine..

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