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That's eight AM Joe fence dot com the site for mossy fence is eight AM Joe fence dot com this is news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. Orlando turns first for breaking news weather and traffic twenty four hours a day it starts now the nine o'clock news ninety six point five W. D. V. are top local story Porter Rico is bracing for Dorian at last check the tropical storm about fifteen miles west of Saint Lucia still moving studies fifty miles per hour it's expected to pass by the island on Wednesday reporter Victor Oquendo across and want people stocking up on those necessary supplies ahead of Dorian Porter Rico's governor wonder Vasquez declaring a state of emergency saying today they are better prepared in two thousand seventeen when Maria killed nearly three thousand people the governor saying she's been in contact with the White House and the new FEMA rep on the ground leading response efforts and in addition more than two hundred firefighters from Miami heading down to the Caribbean to assist tens of thousands of people still live under those blue tarps that act as roof obviously huge concern there and whenever storm rolls through or Rickles portable power grid always put to the test going in depth here is talking a lot about hurricane guide if you still haven't checked it out here's what you can get out of it first off we have the definitive list of supplies you should have non perishable foods such as bread peanut butter nuts cereals dried fruit instant coffee powdered milk and ice and basic supplies such as cash batteries flashlights candles battery powered radio paper towels lighter fluid propane generator hand sanitizer we remind you what to do when a hurricane watch is issued such as board up the windows prepare your pool make arrangements for your pets and plug the roof vents I'm Jeanne Wexler all you have to do is tap hurricane guide in the news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. at news ninety six point five W. D. B. over Orlando turns first for severe weather on channel nine Eyewitness News meteorologist Brian shield tropical storm door in moving into the carribean coming up how close against a Florida by this weekend I'm ray computer seventy eight and clear in Orlando severe weather station continuing our team coverage the Winter Park high school band director accused of having sex with the teen is scheduled to be back in court this morning Christopher Blackmer was arrested in April after investigators say they found video on his phone of him in the teen he was placed on administrative leave after his arrest his trial is scheduled to start in two weeks Brazil sons in tens of thousands of troops to battle fires in the Amazon reporter Matt Gutman says are too many fires in there too fierce this rancher named Geronimo said nobody's going to be able to fight this fire and he's right the only.

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