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Coming to the show as a series regular and developing superpowers where he can see the freak and future unfortunately it's tied into the fact that desmond can't stop seeing futures were charlie paces dying charlie is constantly dying in these future visions and desmond is working twenty four said i've to save a guy and make sure that it's not happening and i think it splashes before your eyes right that ends with desmond and his famous line of no matter what i do charlie you're gonna die and there's just this now very magnetic propose of quality to the charlie pace character that has not existed baby ever but certainly not since season one and unfortunately certainly looking back but at the time you are wondering lost have the stones to do this like what they really kill charlie off i really don't think that they will but in retrospect he can introduce that story and not go through with it and dandy they go through the joe i like in the sense that it served such a purpose he was the sacrifice allen demanded and if you go look in the future and it's really i loved about season six is knowing now how jacob did travel and did reach out a literally physically touch each person that was recruited to go to the island this was his destiny along and destroying seats in one of my favorite theories i ever came up with of all time from season three so much the only mention ever got in doc jeff jensen's famous entertainment weekly amazing weekly analysis of loss he linked to this theory once and it made my entire life back in the day through tell knowingly no now about.

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