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Well, then they they did it, right? You're good, man. You're fucking champ. I am a third year. You've been in the league this. Yes, they're year. All right. The first year I was like middle of the pal. Damn thirty three percent of the time. You win. Yeah. I think I would take those is I don't have those odds. This is the first year. I didn't make the playoffs. I don't even have those odds playoffs. You know what I'm coming back next year? I to defend my title. In the previous years like three two to three people have repeated as playoff contention. This like I told you this first year that four brand new people have made the playoffs. Amazing. So I I can't count out although I will be your next year. My my I fucked my draft up you had a great draft. I've fucked by draft up. You had a great draft. Barclays second. You you took a little bit of a flyer on saquon. But was really, but was it really? You know, I do that every year. Like, I feel like I draft a running back really really like high last year. It was. Fucking over the last year. Would you know about saquon this year, though, did you know, anything or you just wanted to take a flyer on rookie running back you? That's what you do. So you're sticking to it. Yeah. I knew he. Had done pretty will in the pre. I know you had a lot of hype coming out of college and he had done pretty decent in the preseason. And I was one of those guys who wasn't buying a have knows? Like, oh, say Klein, you know, he's not gonna do that good in the pros. He's not going to be anything. But then my second pick roles. He was still sitting on the board. So. Good on you, my friend. Where do you know what I don't even know you went to college? Go to Penn State Penn State. Yeah. I did know fucking. I don't pay attention to college football at all. I'm all about the college football, I stopped paying attention. When when Bobby retired? Now that was because as a Florida state famous pants long before. When Chris Winky's got drafted. That was the last. That'd be are less shining moment in the by the year. It was amazing. He was like twenty eight years old. I know it was it was about when he retired. I realized I didn't I don't live in Florida. I went to a totally different college. Why do I not root for my own college? I stop this nonsense, and it was all pros from then on out. So and that was the same time that Peyton Manning Gotch draft. It's like all right. I'm all in on the coal. If you like six five two and thirty pound quarterbacks laser lock it on. So that's where I would. And that that worked out pretty well for you. It did. I hated Tony Dungy fucking hated them. But worked out for me. Yeah. Yeah. We should we should have had like three Super Bowls. But Bill check is much better than Tony dungee. And that's all I have said. Yeah, I'm going to little Forrest Gump on that one cigarettes. All right. So give me we're we're gonna end this thing. And we've been kind of heavy Christmas. Give me three Christmas movies that you enjoyed this year top just three that you're like, all right? These were good. My three you say repayment. That's cool. Go for the three I watch every year. And I'm sure you haven't seen one of them. But I watch g-go all the waiver year. Aren't changing the way. Yeah. Watch sin by the name. Yeah. Sindbad's and that one is probably at the Knicks. Have you seen that one scene? That is is that that's a when they get the job in the strip. Yeah. Yeah. I love is going. And it was his back. His back out in the all, right? Good. Diehard now seen all wait. I've diehard never heard of that. It is a Christmas movie. I'm sorry. It really is. You made such good points today that that. They could have been yesterday..

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