President Trump, Mesa, Martha Mcsally discussed on Dave Ramsey


On Arizona's news station. Ata our news now it's ten oh, I'm Cathy Klein, and here's our top story. President Trump gearing up for his valley rallies. Tomorrow. Let's go live to sky harbor where KTAR's Mark Carlson is Kathy. The President Trump arrived at sky harbor just before nine thirty immediately left the airport to motorcade to his hotel for the night. Trump has a very busy day to tomorrow a visit with flyers out at Luke air force base. And then a very big rally in Mesa with Martha mcsally the Republican nominee for the United States. Senate reporting live from sky harbor Mark Carlson, KTAR news, Trump scheduled to start his speech at Mesa at six thirty after some era Zona leader, speak, including governor, Doug Ducey, Arizona votes. Meanwhile, Mesa police helping with security and control crowd control for tomorrow night's rally. President Trump will be there supporting US Senate candidate Martha mcsally basically as detective Steve berry says there will be free speech zone setup outside the airport. Trump as you heard has arrived already and he's scheduled to visit Luke air force base tomorrow. Now check on traffic from the valley Chevy dealers traffic center, be careful on north Phoenix roads right now, President Trump as you heard heading to his hotel could be road closures along the route until he's there, and there will likely be tie ups on freeways and roads all day tomorrow, nothing else happening of no right now, most of the other roadways look clear KTAR weather for the valley clear tonight and low sixty three tomorrow's sunny and a high of eighty eight Saturday sunny and high of ninety one now sixty three degrees in Phoenix weather.

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