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Burrowing nesters. And that would make a long way a whole long way, mammals watt of we like to be indoors. It's just it's, it's just a certain. Streak that's within this mammal clad, that we like to be in caves, or in Burrows, or in houses line. We'll, and if you think about it, if you think that an animal that's gonna drink blood, and Paris, ties is it going to be are they going to pears ties off something that has a really fascinated metabolism, or really slow metabolism is going to be a warm, blooded animal cold-blooded? Is it going? Yeah. Do you or do you want some who doesn't have recycled day? You know what someone who has a good interest? Do you want the higher oxygen concentration in blood? Those are the things that I would wonder which I think, mammals are gonna have a lot of. For more nutrients, more oxygen. Yeah, interesting. Thanks for bringing us the history of bedbugs. Always been around forever. We're never going to get rid of them. Just letting everyone how. Yeah. Just check your mattresses. But that brings us does this bring us to the end of the show. So as we have done another show. Thank you everyone or joining us or this episode. I'm glad that we were able to get it done. And I would love to say thank you to identity for, for recording the episode, thank you to gourd for making that chat room work, and thank you to Fatah for helping out with social media and our show notes couldn't do it without you. I would also like to thank my co hosts or be an awesome co hosts and rolling with the punches. And I'd like to thank our patriots sponsors. Thank you to Paul, Disney. Richard onum at dire Andy gross. Do Pollock Philip Shane Kevin Hayes Harrison, rather, Charlene, Henry, Joshua fury. Steve devel- Alex Wilson, Tony steel Craig land in Mark Missouri's Jack Matthew and Jason Roberts. Bill came up called her time jeopardy three one nine. Eric nap Richard Bryan Condron, Dave neighbor, Corinne Benton? Adam ajoy. Sarah Chavis Rodney, Tiffany Boyd John Birch mountain sloth set. Their grad needs Stephen.

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