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So the that's was quail legalize corruption is what it is robert is he said that earlier and it's exactly anyway i second guess today's andrew briggs is a resident scholar american enterprise institute and he's a former deputy commissioner for policy at the social security administration almost everybody knows as nothing inside the there is no such thing as a social security trust fund my least i don't think the his one so anyways andrew pigs at any specializes in retirement possible policy public sector pay and other issues welcome to the program entry hey thanks for much advocate today what what what was the white working linda social security administration well you you have a lot of very dedicated people they're mostly mostly non political i were policy died of things is back in the drinking are trying to get a you know research don about social security and retirement security and and trying to get in politics and play poodle proved that um so yeah i was working for government can be interesting at times but now at all times with a very good work on that but the question is is social security viable is gonna be money they are for the baby boomers and their kids well in a certain extent you take definitely yes in that you know as long as you're collecting social security taxes which is a twelve and a half percent of your wages as long as they're collecting that payroll tax there's going to be money to go out the door to pay benefits uh the question though is your do you have enough money to pay the benefits you promised.

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