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Petroleum p played a dinosaur. People want to know Howie Tower. Works like how how to stop the stop. Motion part is actually so fantastic. It's a it's like candy to me DO I. So get it It's appeal because there's something magical about watching these stupid dolls And I even I've written a sketch for star Star Wars and it was about the Wamba. Yeah and it was like Glueck pulls into a gas station and his swing fighter. I decided they gas stations and then like the womp there and the is like he's having a shitty life ever since his arms cut off and like he he parks on the wrong side of the thing. The gas tank is on the run A- and then he drives around to the other side and then he drops his keys and he has trouble with the gas. 'cause he has one arm it's also hard. Life is so hard and Luke's is just watching it. It and he feels so bad about what happened. And that that Chris McKay directed that one I think. Are you a star wars fan. I like star wars or peer pressure. Star here is there and and certainly know what the fuck you're talking about. You know the names of all the little animals and shit. No I was going through empire strikes back but even the third one I was like they seem so stupid. Though e walks I was like oh you lost the plot I love the I two though. But then there's like six more now. There's all these other fucking these other things you have to pretend to to like star wars. No I I think what ended up happening. Thank God is there was no hiding my ignorance. They the robot chicken guys have decided to think. It's funny that I don't know stuff and so now it's at least are on the table and they just laugh so now it's like I'm the old the old man who doesn't know it. He doesn't know any references now. The old man on the staff Jesus like there so they don't work at all. None of it works. I don't and have any John Bolton's very proud. That did come back in I did. He didn't occupy space in the public sphere later on in life. But you know I'm always either way ahead of my time in a useless way or it's something they just don't they don't get there. They're like what is this what we have have no reason for this so you started on the show. Yeah at the beginning of the show. Yes and then you were there for how long I breath well. It was unclear to me how they really worked. I think I was in the early days to me. I was like a robot. Chicken regular writer. In point of fact I think they hired lots the people in between I would work for like six weeks a year and then another year would pass and get it back invited back to robot chicken and do another six weeks so you get invited in. Do you feel like you'd have to prepare Get yourself up to date with not really because I found. I found a technique that works for me. What was that the man Seth in their desperation to to fill the shows goes with the garbage? They put the shows. They would have a dry erase board and on this address for the be all these stupid titles of of movies pop culture crap and toys that they loved so I could sit there and look at the list look it up go straight to wikipedia find out what it was and like if actually there's a sort of interesting story so how long were you there before you bailed on chicken. I think I would always due robot chicken. I did the Star Wars specials. I did the DC specials I did a Batmans in DC on the DC special. The song is called sailing. I just thought it was funny because green lantern who like if they go into space greenland would always have to do is ring for Batman and the and the people that couldn't travel in space and it looks so embarrassing. Like their the way they got to the bat interstellar battle embarrassing and I thought that so my idea for the the sketch was Batman. Talk to him about a different vehicle. Could he choose a different vehicle than just this. Fear the green sphere and he chose a sailboat. And then I kinda. I tried to write a rocky song that was about sailing and he just relaxed mood. So you didn't really bail you. Just do it whenever I can whenever you could something yes. And then what came next stumbled onto Meiteis so then after this is all before saul no Saul Saul is after robot chicken maybe the first or second writing job Robusta Cycle they call them here for like six weeks. Then I wrote on Sol then. I acted on salt when we shot and I played one of the people suit in the outfits. Listen I was in one of those outfits for about three hours. It's something else I was. It was terrible I was in it the whole time but I was like I was having in such a fun time and I really thought it was like could potentially be something then. We would get the scripts. I kinda thought like I think we we blew it but scripts erupts. Yeah there's too much there's too much too much story that no one cared about too much plot that you had to kind of follow and then you weren't really following like he didn't stay simple enough. I think I think you've got to to fucking crazy collapsed on. It's all. Yeah I think so but I had such a fun time acting. It was very fun and then did you play. I played a budget. I played Bertram. Who was like a guy in a moment so I was in that big with the fake? Oh by the way at this point in time I believe in Hollywood proper Hollywood. They have things called fat suits Well our production did not. We had a thing called a beanbag chair which was like taped to me to create fat. So yeah it was like worse though. It's a low budget fads. It really was and then then I played a guy named the senior Baltimore which was just like a Mustache Guy I don't remember what he was about. And then I I played Thomas Jefferson and then supposedly Mike Laszlo liked that and I came back to me. I heard that that the that the adult swim brass which you might have been apart. They were like that's the show. That's the show. Yeah the Thomas Jefferson so then I thought Oh my God. I'm finally being recognized. I'm going to be the star of the spin up and I thought this will work so well and then that proceeded to be just like a car wreck young. A young person's guide to history watched. I watched a little bit of one because I had to put together a real for something acting real three years ago ago and I watched a little bit of it and I've found parts of it amusing But not the whole it seemed like a way worse version and drunk history history. It's I think it's like two people wanted to do a thing about history and one person did it in a funny way and we did it in unfunny. Well you know that You play the role of Thomas is Jefferson completely inspired Amilton yeah PROB-. Yeah no he's he's been on the record the lin-manuel wow. He saw that show and he was like it. There is a there's a I have an idea. There's a spark here. They've just missed it. They're just missed it but there's something here. It's like that van Dan. That didn't that didn't know whether there's a band that recorded the song so much like stairway to heaven and they're mad but it's like you missed it. We could sue them. Yeah that's new lin-manuel around that was young person's guide to history. I remember started out as a longer series of episodes. They got condensed down to two. Yes one would say almost punitively distilled punitively. I wish you could read my scripts from that area though. I think you'd like them a lot of Interesting people in those episodes. Yeah Yeah We'll we'll character a bit because I knew all those groundings people and Michaela Watkins Kahlo is in it. Patterson on richest gemstones now she was in it correct bridesmaids with Kristen. Wig was in it Who Else Larry was hilarious and gone on anything? Anything famous for the Great Larry Door. Yeah he did but he did the thing where they dressed as a woman in the talk show for you guys. Oh yeah terrible or a funny It was it had some funny parts to it. It was it was Peculiar yeah it was Addition for that yeah and I went in with two other. People felt like one of those additions like commercial. Auditions are like this. And it's like you know. Just weird people off the street. You're in a room with suddenly you're going to improvise with them and you can just tell they are so desperate to talk that you a normal human will just give up and just sink inside themselves which I did I just I gave up. They were They had some hot takes fighting to express them. Yes yeah ask Yuppie broads that's good people on it. Yeah Yeah Tommy Blocher earthquake. Didn't Tommy do something on young one person's guide. Did he play. Something needed one thing to pop through that. So Seth Green been on south. Yeah did he wipe the bugger. Duggar on the curtain. Now maybe I feel like that. Maybe now's at that show is fraught with peril. But you know what came out of that also was Dave Dave Willis Did a young persons are for. Yeah yeah so it was a real incubator. uh-huh yeah a lot of the lot of great great ideas. They just didn't get they didn't coalesce not for young head of time and a good title young person's guide to history. We didn't do much with it though. Yeah we set the network back a bit there so I think yeah I saw that one away I feel I feel a little responsible and what happened. Then after that we got Peter Girardi looking as wounds took a job as a chastened he took a job at Warner Brothers animation where he works as a as a executive. Yeah then Peter Hired me to come in and do a brainstorming session about what to do with looney tunes and it was like me and Steve Little and some of those little crew. Steve was in young persons And we we said the only thought right I really had at the time was well. I've written all these sketches for both robot chicken and groundlings. I'm sitting on a treasure trove of written material. Not No not at all but I thought we could. We should do. The looney tunes is pitch it as the version of the muppet show. So it's like a sketch show and then make like the the muppet whatever the fuck. They're called the looney tunes. Do the same thing like kermit used to do like bugs can put on a hat and be news manners. Whatever I don't know what the idea and then and so? We started down that road. They loved it. We started down that road who loved it The CNN Peter. I think Warner Brothers. uh-huh yeah but then crucially someone higher are up at Warner Brothers swooped in Peter off and he was like this is not the bugs bunny I know and he was all we had to start over but then the great thing about it was. We ended up writing a Sitcom basically with bugs and daffy living in a house together it was very like the odd couple and it was very very very fun to write. Kristen wig played Lola. Bunny Fred Arniston played speedy Gonzales. We got some of some are funny friends to be on it. Did you feel responsibility instability. Messing around with bugs bunny now. I didn't give share. Because it's like they. They had already done but people already ruined it. That's what they always say they're like they're like these are the crown on jewels. But guess what does the Crown Jewels. They have parking signs in their parking garages. We'd like bugs bunny wearing a hard hat pointing in saying sorry. Farrah Dust Doc. It's like they've already fucking ruined him. The poor bastard is being ruined every day so there we weren't going to ruin their the great cartoons enes exists go there is no solemnity no no so you so that was fun. We wrote two seasons of a half hour Sitcom and really basically it was called the looney tunes show unmemorable title but It basically was a great writing Testing ground because like you now if you right in the real world of comedy live action. You're not gonNA write so many scripts you're GonNa be on the staff you're gonNA write like me one a season you're punching up. You're sitting in a room all day for this. We got to write fifty episodes by ourselves. And it's I that's it was huge. The amount of volume that we he wrote the episodes. Yeah Yeah it was to Caesar as technically fifty two but for some reason we quit before because because maybe Mike Tyson had come along and they wanted us on that. And Warner Brothers is like we're done with the looney tunes show. The kids don't like it and the kids couldn't they would. They would never like it. Made Him cry. We wrote it was such an adult show. We just had bugs daffy sitting in coffee shops but like we wrote it to amuse ourselves sadly But it was still a great experience and then I could have done better if it had a laugh. Track needed to tell the kids what was funny. The kids can't figure that around other kids. Yeah so it's like when they watch Disney live action nightmares. Those those horrible things they they have the fake laugh thing going all the time time. Yeah it's like they need to beat into another otherwise I think daffy duck is mean. They didn't know they could laugh at him. Here's me it's true. Here's need five real life. Heroes Meet Five. all-star adults watch brand new episodes of be real every Monday starting November eighteen only reporter You're sitting there at Warner brothers. Yeah in an office and the phone rings. No Sam Peter Comes. In and Peter was he was given a.

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