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Black moving. the Wildcats. can end up out defeating Wisconsin in total offense in this game. which I know what Pat fitzgerald would remind us hearing you say that staffs are for losers. but they they certainly. finally able to move the ball a little bit. of Wisconsin it's a little too late however. this call ducks down under center final bit it now. takes a knee down to fifty three seconds. and. final seconds winding down here is the badgers about to go to for no. one more Snapple do it has to be the final snap of the game. don't touch is the knee down that's it. the number eight to the country the Wisconsin Badgers. use a couple of defensive touchdowns to take control and stay on beat for an old. and also to add to it big ten started wanted started the big ten west. at the end the Wildcats big ten road winning streak at eight here today with a twenty four to fifteen victory over northwestern the Wildcats pulled over to it the big ten. working together to achieve great things like the Wildcats that's problem solving visit you PS dot com to learn more you PS official logistics partner of the northwestern Wildcats we'll recap it.

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