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Welcome back to talking golf and the court with you and my guess Philly underdog winner on both the PGA tour and Champions Tour and golf buddy of Alice Cooper's I understand good morning really welcome to the show well thank you and it's a pleasure and honor to be on with you this Brighton early Sunday morning Sunday morning so you have an Alice Cooper story I understand yeah we played the Bob Hope classic back in in those days and we were like in the last group on one of the first couple rounds and he's talking to a volunteer on the eighteenth fairway and we were all waiting form like mine Alice to cheer up you have to hit it's getting dark work will barely get in Spanish many kept talking with this guy he's trying to get away from the volunteer finally he comes up and we we finished the whole and and I still was going on back there with the volunteer he said the volunteer was asking me if I could volunteer and singing at the volunteer party which was in a couple nights in Alice's trunks plane to this gentleman that you know do you understand what I the songs that I sing I sing about death and I don't think you want me to play the volunteer party in a couple nights so it was really funny it was a cute story the guy was just trying to be nice and and try to get all the celebrities that saying to to play for the volunteers he was trying to get Alice that and understand where Alice's John dress and what he hit and all the songs in the things that go with it I don't think it would have gone well over at the volunteer party although he does have some ballots we played a couple of them during the show but anyway so you're still playing going strong but you know there are eleven Champions Tour events left on the calendar after what ten cancellations right yeah we're a we decided to do a wraparound season so this year we're gonna try and play as many tournaments as possible we just got some bad news last week that the Boeing classic in the show's charity classical both been canceled this year which was part of our reboot at the beginning of of August we play the ally challenge in grand blank Michigan so we're going to do a wrap around season our last three playoff events which normally would be seventy two players to fifty four players the second to thirty six at the Schwab Cup final well we're gonna have full field events are gonna have eighty one players place that is that the eight to give as many guys an opportunity to play this year so it's really disappointing that we're in this situation but we all understand that safety comes first where you know we want we want everybody to be safe and we're so sad we can't go to some documents that that were on the schedule but we do have to that we're we're reschedule our regions tradition in Birmingham is rescheduled for the last week of September and also principles charity classic in the morning which is a great event on our schedule well that is banned postponed it that's been rescheduled for September as well so unfortunately we know over at we have some great sponsors are not champions store everybody understands the situation and we're just gonna plow through a wraparound season rules which means that next year will will will it's just a continuation of this year so we won't have a Charles Schwab Cup champion this year it's going to it's going to flow into next year which I think is the right thing to do with so many of our season being canceled are you concerned about traveling right now in the in the virus I mean do you think twice about maybe going to some of these events when they do restart and I haven't gone anywhere and we really have shrunk or down down here in Atlanta and you know we haven't been out to dinner we haven't done a whole lot I just started playing golf again a few weeks back so we've really taking this thing seriously here in Atlanta but yeah I'm a little concerned right now but then again in a couple months or to social of August and again the rate jump on a plane I don't know I'm I'm a I'm I'm in that wait and see mode we'll see how it all comes down but you know the PGA tour starting this week has given us a good barometer see how they do see if there's any issues you know they've really created this bubble of the cash before you leave your home a testament you get to the course when you get on property at the tournament a skeleton TV crew no spectators so you're really in that bubble that they created now yeah I had softer the Jay Monahan the PGA tour staff for getting golf to start up again and and doing it the right way where safety does come first but I you know I feel bad for all the all our international players they have to come over and then they really have to stay they can't really go back home because if they go back home after quarantine for fourteen days and come back over here I know I think our government is given a leeway to not have to quarantine coming over but I just feel that those guys that you know the that their families can't come with them and hopefully those restrictions will will change once the summer hits and in may be things like now but only time will tell.

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