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There's the link if you want to donate directly to PayPal to the show. That's PayPal. It's John Melendez ink surely one is in the house mark p with the badge good as gold. Oh well, so she lets see. My system is Suzie Q is here. I am Brazil. We have and Diane you couldn't be more correct. Diane says today's guests are awesome. Looking forward to show Nicki Be Love U, baby. Hope you're feeling better. I want to just take this time right now. To thank Sean hockey counter 25 and Nicki be for doing one hell of a job. And you know, they do this, you know, just you know, they, you know, they were down here and I really really appreciate it because they really care about the show and they care about me and I consider them good friends Marsha Originals as far as the guest Diane we got off Ian Halperin and Craig and Craig under is the author of American compliment how the KGB pinpointed Donald Trump as them because he knew cuz they knew that he was a narcissist and also not very bright and then Ian Halperin has a book called controversy, which is an amazing stage during that connects Jeffrey Epstein to Howard Stern to Frank Sinatra to the gambino crime family. So it should be a very interesting show Marshall Janu log. Here Tom ending. Hello again from Malibu, California. Oh, how you doing Malibu good as gold cross the golden cold and grey in Rhode Island. Well could be worse. You could be in Texas or as Ted Cruz calls it Cancun Richard customer is here. Let's see Melissa Feldman from Athens, Ohio. John death going. Gonzo keto diet. Hey, I love the keto diet. I'm on the keto diet, which means I do nothing and don't hear a murderer jump over the fence. Let's see d d is here Kenneth Auto Ziggy and let's see who else we got here Sean sticks. Thanks for the five bucks Sean, you know just to the Super Chat there. I appreciate it. And here is the here's the question Sean's asking. My mom is here. Hello. Hello Mom L Robin. The answer to that question is very simple. I tried using my own music and I got not a copyright strike, but you know like a take take down notice because I couldn't even use my own music cuz it's owned by Atlantic Records. So that's why I don't use my own music else you you better believe I would I used a lot of my own music on my bits on The Tonight Show a lot of my a lot of my droppings that required wage, you know, they had a card. I used like every song I could of my own because hey we didn't need clearance and be I made some residuals home Alaska Mich from Alaska. There's a new one Michelle Johnson warmest. Donnellan. I don't see an end showing Hockey Canada 25 off. It should be an awesome. I know Shawn. It's my music is good. I want to just say a few things. I think Ryan Ryan is still crying out there somewhere. Oh, it's a shout out to Surety who's here with us off. And and anyway, I thank you all for being here or do you worldcat shorty one Gonzo good as gold. Oh, thank you. God today is Mark Peters birthday here is $5. To not sing Happy Birthday to you are too funny good as gold. I do want to say this. and today that having a rally in downtown Los Angeles and what is the rally about it is a rally to denounce the anti-aging American hatred that is going on in this country. And the only thing that I could say about that. The anti-asian hatred was brought on by the dotard himself by continuing to call the coronavirus off the China virus. Okay showing I see you here. Thanks, man. So that's that's what it is. It's all the hate that the dotard has caused in this country club that my sister was telling me. Let me see if I can find it. You know about a.

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