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I tell you what, man. They got right back in and they showed that they got Grigg. This Houston Rockets team has great play. Did they play well, defensively now they just got to clean up the turnovers, Understanding that the Lakers don't want Toby and a half Court game. They only have a couple plays have court that's pretty much thought in tow. Tio Tio Anthony Davis and let him go to work and thought into LeBron. You know, they found their You know, they showed that they weren't the same Rockets team in the third quarter. When they could have laid down to say This is our night They came back and had like a 41 13 17 point quarter to take the lead. They just unfinished. It took too much energy to finish and westward got to be better. He knows that the Rockets know that Hey, old them one. You've got to come back to play a lot better, Davey, said 34 10 last night. We're going to talk tennis. The most buzzed about story in sports in two minutes with our ESPN tennis analyst Patrick McEnroe. But first let's go from a to Z. From a to Z. Let's quickly get Bart thoughts on all of these as well. Real quick. Bart quarterback Cam Newton called this fit with the New England Patriots a match made in heaven, saying that on the Greg Hill Show on W E I in Boston this morning, you tend to agree. I do, I think being able to rebrand itself with a football savant like abilities like Jasmine Daniels will put him in situations where they're team won't beat themselves and allow can do what he does. Well, not put him in situations when he doesn't get well. Any time you can do that, with Kobe percent and be able to show the flexibility, I believe that the page has been waiting for opportunity to ask new wrinkles to that offensive system that has had the ability to grow under Tom Brady for like 2017 years. 20 years seems like it's been forever man, but that they allowed between 11 8. You love you today why you cheat? So you asked. That's money camp. Let's see how they love your bed. And obviously the mobility build in love with Grady. That's basically the only thing they didn't have in this game and came a 31 certainly does have that healthy. Quickly mentioned baseball lost another Hall of Famer. We lost Tom Seaver last week at the age of 75. Now the legendary Lou Brock has died at the age of 81. He helped ST Louis when three penance in two World Series in the sixties came over in a trade from the Cubs Cubs Cardinals today, by the way at four Eastern on ESPN, I'm sure I would assume they would talk about him a little remembrance about him during the game. He retired way back in 1979 is the single season in all time leader in stolen bases marks that have since been surpassed by the legendary Rickey Henderson. Brock was elected into Cooperstown in the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1985 and Bart, We're going to talk tennis here in just one minute..

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