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A kpi x five forecaster net rondor who's here to deliver that forecast if we are likely to see a dry afternoon commute as well it looks like right now our future gas models are showing after eight nine o'clock that's when we could see drops so your afternoon commute not looking slick i know yesterday future cast models was showing it was going to start right around that time but for now no we're going to see his cloud coverage out there this morning and then our afternoon highs will be a bit cooler than yesterday putting us at about eight degrees cooler than average so mid sixties inland low sixties around the bay and then upper fifties for the coastline today mostly cloudy but we'll also get a break around your lunch hour so you may see that sunshine pop out and then the way the storm is tracking it's moving south of us so a lot of folks south of the golden gate bridge mega those raindrops but it'll be pretty late when it does arrive in very minimal maybe a tenth of an inch if that by tomorrow everything will be long gone partly cloudy skies high pressure takes hold of us and then that means oh get ready for upper seventies low eighties this weekend is going to be very summer like so we've had quite a whirlwind of whether this week thanks now i am ready for the weekend and traffic and weather together on the eighth on all these one zero six nine am seven forty kcbs kcbs news time just about two eight fifty two fernie buyer and nick palmer editor's desk california attorney general heavier sarah is issuing a consumer alert on threats to personal information as the government begins to roll out a new version of the medicare card this month kcbs keith men coney reports that medicare officials have already gathered reports of a number of scam uhhuh.

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