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He's he's about to cruise and berry berry played by dunkers and very short runway and very seal as Kabar goes up, and he gives them like a crucifix goes here. He's It's like. like. Cruises like seals like, I don't need that. It's not gonna make the runway any any longer. So then you realize, 'oh, flocked runways long enough. Plus, he's got this heavy heavy load heavy load, right? So fuck it give it to me. I because you could tell these nerves, right? He's nervous great pilot willing to try anything once even that's not something you wanna pilot say, but he is. So then cut to he's starting the plane backed it up they put literally push as far into the jungle as they could to give them more runway. And he's about to take off and now Escobar and start pulling out bills, and they're making bets on whether or not he's going to be able to clear the jungle because at the end of the runway is the jungle and it's really well shot. Is you imagine? It's like a nail biter. Fuck is gonna make it. It's a good one. It's a good one. Right. It's a fun movie. It's totally a Brian movie to it goes down smooth. It's it's real easy to watch think much. I love nothing. I know you do fortunately. Well, fortunately, actually, I did nothing for number one. As said nineteen seventy Hayes is. Seventy eight midnight express. The is it the original drug smuggling movie Holly Hollywood studio movie, anyway, I would have to think so I can't I don't I didn't my research not yield because the French connection came up before. But didn't actually feature any drug smuggling scene. My best shot. I did a bunch of research myself. And this is what I'm saying. Like if we're wrong on this, please do let me know from you guys. And if there is a drug smuggling not about drug smuggling or referred to an actual see drugs are being transported. Let me know because I would like to know mid-next restaurant about Alan Parker director of Mississippi burning angel heart many, many movies, very very quality director, he makes quality films, but they tend to take time treasure of wall. Yes. All all. Brad. Davis plays. Yes, heart. You say I did angel hearten Brad, Vida. If. Brad davis. I'm just movies now Brad Davis plays like Anderson said Billy Hayes, I met the Billy. Hey, did you talk about this? We talked. All right Bill as his number. I was going to say this. But but Bill. Exactly what it was. I was talking to Billy Hayes about, but I I spoke to him for twenty minutes, and they'll love parking lot on the phone because I'll probably I think I was trying to book them on some show that I was running the town. Really good guy, the actual real life. Hey. Conic horrific ordeal. Turkish prison I got to speak doing ironically, the real Billy Hayes still alive, not Billy Mays Billy Mays Bilas dead as well as it gotta played Billy Hayes. He's also. Davis. Eight of aids he actually committed assisted suicide of aids busy heading used as the cleaning, the whistle. And then he's like pleasing with aids for my such backwards rolling. Okay. On my research didn't yield that that'd be a terrible way to like commit suicide. Please check me with aids be drop Logan. Yes. This is watch the scene on YouTube in this scene holds up at dramatic starts off..

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