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I can't remember his. You had a vicious outburst brutal. Yeah Oh my God to tie the lead need Williamson was his last name. Yeah he was a Super Nice Guy de God. Forbid that happened once for US I thank God in previous prevent that one hundred percents goes right in the one hundred percents on us so then we get to eighteen Hof Goes I put one in the harbor in the harbor so now I thought I made a great swing Attitu- I looked up and I'm like that's manages all right sal back it up so you got one shot lead in in the championship and your partners in the harbor offense what are you. What are you thinking? You're not well I think at this point going into it. I went to so zone then and I mean I was. I didn't even know I had a partner at the time. Once he went out. I was like there's no partner here out of focus on yourself. Yeah so I kind of just focused in on. I didn't look laughter right. I was looking at the ball and at the car and ready to go so I stepped up and I made almost like a terrible swing. Felt like it coming down down at it but when it hit the face and went on the air I was like. That's perfect so let's walk this down. That's walk this back. Yeah Yeah it was. It was not so because they postpone out there and I remember I remember hearing God. That's that's deepened. I'm like all right here. We go. You Ain't GonNa get me on this one so I had to step up. I just think and in swing as far as you can and don't go right. Don't go harbor so worked on it right. Got It out there. We got to the fairway and and I think what we have one thirty five in the again they switched depend on the Front Yup Front and was in the back right. which is it that back pain was tough earlier earlier? Really not that trump him missed four now until. We're not gonNA talk about that so looking at this. I Seen Day. They hit their second shots in looked like it. Looks pretty good at the pen. And and I like zipped off my little short left in the French and I'm thinking to myself and my God I love this shot one thirty pitching wedge choke down the club and just hit. Don't believe don't well just hit so I hit it and once I hit I knew it was perfect and everyone was screaming. Sits sets a and that thing had some sauce on it serious. That thing played as as perfectly can think of put up behind Penn at least fifty feet in zip the back to for seventy feet Then get into the partner or get into the green. I'm thinking aren't they don't really have easy if they make this. You know I'm not messing but we got to the point. I was like okay I just need to but and like I said we've been in this situation before where I've nine point anything. Yeah this is all me. We were torn before around or I want to hear this when we got the championship around. It's like a big a big event and Ross qualified Thursday Friday. You play two rounds of match. Play Saturday Saturday. matchplay and then Sunday semifinals and championship. She's so we get through everything some crazy rounds and then we get to seventeen. Were down one. We're now we're we're. We're all squared on seventy one seventeen. I made a birdie on seventeen get the eighteen. We both down the middle. We both he hits one on the green like the perfect spot like there's no flat spot on the screen and it's like ten feet straight uphill no movement. I'm in the bunker. I hit one out to the green. And I'm like like in the other guys line where he's putting par Birdie or something like that rock is like pick it up. What am I gotta par? PUTT I mean if I make this it's like you release some stress off you pick it up. I'm like you're not giving this guy a line on anything so I'm not trying to get any advantage and the next thing you know it's John I'm like all right. He missed his Birdie. PUTT on my God. We've got to Iran the same exact. Oh No we had liberty Nash on Eighteenth Green Liberal was the first thing this is nightmares all over again. So no way I ran this by like five feet five feet and now it's coming back. It is a slippery slider fast as this table. And he he's in his pocket. Pick it up and I guess are blessed with Mr Nestor Parliament. Now just to lose the Hong Kong till playoff. We're GONNA play off and we lost the second hole and it starts at this point literate down porn. They make Birdie on to lose the championship. Classic Scott like eight feet or whatever it was you and I'm like holy. I remember this look looking for him I please. I know discounted them like already displeased. Got Two points there. Even I want to make it so bad I just. It doesn't matter if you make the pot and you still win or youtube on you. Know I was like he got. I think I put it by like a foot and a half. He's like take your time. Okay I got it makes me nervous it was privy. I don't think most nervous shot I had was on sixteen to the playoff. 'cause like again that weight was a little while and then like it had me thinking though I take this to take that so that was that was my nervous shot and eighteen eighteen just kind of like I said zone down. I was in in the zone as you could say I walked everything down. I kind of look like a little douchebag but are you kidding me. That's that's that's what you it should dream like. You're walking down. Eighteen you throw that club into the slot and you're walking the ball on the Green as me your cat. He's pulling off your head cover. Yeah that's great. I didn't again. I didn't know about the history so that makes things when I go back and watch it. I'm going to be a little queasy. No no but I mean you you you got to. I will say too. I thought in my head with how much kind of like swagger you had at the time I was like even if Williamson or whatever. The guy's name was right Williamson. No offense them. Sorry for just saying I miss Greg player if he makes Rocco's making I was just like I don't think it really matters. I didn't think he was GonNa make if he does. I still think Rocco make because you had like six feet you've been playing lights out And I think that both groups starting with Birdie on sixteen was like Oh we're going to school and we were talking before about how I didn't want that didn't want but like you'd prefer not have to like twentieth handicaps win the whole thing because then it becomes like we've all seen before like San Bagger member gas that Oh yeah and it's like how come their handicaps to that high. There's no way they shot this or that they're being like Oh. I played a career around. And it's really sketchy instead. You guys are both like one or two handicaps. It's like well. Those are the guys that are supposed to win the tournament. Those are the best players players so that made me feel good. I think fifty percent really helped that a lot. That was perfect totally and anybody who bitches about that. My reaction to it is like if is the number one complaint is like well that that really favors the lower handicaps. And I'm like well you should be rewarded and having advantage of your better at something. I can't play this game. You got to be better totally totally. Anybody can have a chance. said it's fifty percents of urine eighteen anti cab. You WanNA plays a nine. You have a chance. You can totally getting some strokes but if anything it's going to reward the best people who should be rewarded because they're better simply may WANNA be better planet B boys well. Congratulations thank you. You got this trophy right here until well I probably until March I think around March where we're going to start next year's tournament so guises until then and your name will be on forever. Thanks to Alan. Thank God it's corrected. It was wrong I kind of wanted it to go on. I'm telling you I'm looking at it. And I've seen a May do the MIC. That's an aide that's not reich a come on out after all that you guys I imagine it'll be at the phillies stop next year. Yes you have a lifetime exemption into the tournament not into the championship. We'll take it despite your efforts to have a feeling you qualify again next year hoping so but we'll see all right. Anthony Rock appreciate it. Thank you you guys. Thanks for coming in.

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