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When you kinda deployed the capital and so by your townsend about a year ago when when that a year ago what they don't know about a year ago a we're coming up on november. Yes it's october. Yeah yeah coming up on an almost exactly year ago. I came over to cloud break and really what happened was during the time of the land. Grab i connected with mark oil and gas specific software engineering at the time and this was he was still early stages and he's like dude. Come work for me. And i was like dude. No it's like. I'm i'm getting i'm like i'm learning this land game like join this like we're here. We're doing this and we know this is a clear path forward here. I'm not going to start over and pave it somewhere else. Ice pivoted oil and gas is something that i'm enjoying. So no huge mistake like that dude killed it over q. And created a cool software and like opportunistic exit. All of the things that you that you love to see out of an entrepreneur right and so as as fate would bring it. I'm finishing up. I'm sitting there idly by my hate reach out the market. Hey let's workout. As a cool showed up his house during pandemic worked out he is looking rough just hair and oh it got the like the cova dog. Is she hit and go yeah. There was a rock bottom. I don't know what is right. There's a lot worse than if you just do that. Because i just messed with mark Atlanta for him right right And so he's like hey man just kind of hung out with him a little bit and then a fast forward a little bit of time. Talk to his wife in. She's kind of running the show here in. Listen we're doing this. I'm doing this And marcus dylan embarrassed at the time and then when mark left and various couple months after that He came on board with us. And you know i came. I got there. We had a. You know a few software going there really early stages and really needed a of feedback meetings so jumped right in and just silly. What was i guess. My question is yet slant on this. What was the motivation to. i mean. he talked about the whole process. Won't here kind of your mindset and kind of what you saw. And i guess you perceptions on this onboard process when we got cloud you know what i mean like. You had this land thing going right yet. I'm focused on this folks on. This was the pivot what was what caused that pivot. Like i said. I kind of worked myself out of a job right right i mean but can you do potentially something else with the land. Look at the landscape of oil and gas where we are right now and the where these positions are in. This land does land thing. We talk about and i and i was really out of land. By this point i was really moved onto a more complex. Pdp deals in operated deals and and trying to put together pieces okay companies type thing and but even from there. It was like you know. I was at a crossroads. Do i want to just create deals them to be deal creator and Understand like these people want to buy these people know that there's a there's a place for that in his guys that do really. Yes and i really was thinking about that and then i talked to..

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