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Really on first baby i baby then i had it thirty two so i got pregnant thirty one that's what i wanna do so put goodbye out your turning thirty one on tuesday i'm thirty i turned thirty one on tuesday i'm thinking of writing up thirty one till i'm about to turn thirty two ish and that's good i yeah so i'll start trying the second half thirty one and then i made if you've got the husband and you've got the money which you do it's just career i don't wanna be side here's the thing you have no idea how quickly it goes and it's better that you are on tv and oughta major corporation that you get knocked up then if you're not okay i'm leaving i wish i had one more on chelsea really i mean yes and no right now they're really easy but sometimes i'm like oh there was another one that was like you know a right now that'd be kind of fun when did you get married how old weeks before it turned thirty twenty nine i got married two weeks before i turned twenty eight yeah yeah i got the we just hit two year oh god when did the baby thing happened for rail also too i wanna baby yes you do i do right but then i'm like when babies come near me i'm like ooh but i but i totally respect women that no they don't and i'm like i think i'm not on that line my sister was going through it and she has two kids now you know our ten and eleven eleven fourteen but like when she was going through it you know shoot a neighbor they were like this fabulous couple and they didn't want kids and they had like this cool chills out in palm desert so those cool i pump desertlike shaky house with like shh no cabinets shelves you know just like really computer shit cling.

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