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After the second murder, the happy face Keller says, he realized he liked what he was doing. This triggered something in me. He says it was getting easy, real easy. A week or two later I stopped in turlock, California. At a restaurant, a Hooker became my next victim. This time. I just strangled her right there without sucks. She was in my truck only five minutes. I dropped her body off behind the blueberry hill cafe, ten miles south on ninety nine. I placed her body in the dirt and stepped on her throat to make sure she was dead. Today's episode of happy faces brought to you by ZipRecruiter, their job sites send you tons of the wrong resumes to sort through in that is not smart. You know what else isn't smart making the lottery, the centerpiece of your retirement plan. But you know, it is smart going to recruiter dot com. Slash happy face to hire the right person today. ZipRecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you. It finds them for you. It's powerful matching technology scans, thousands of resumes identifies people with the right skills, education and experience for your job and actively invites them to apply. So you get qualified candidates fast. That's why ZipRecruiter is rated number one by employees in the US this rating comes from hiring sites on trust pilot with over one thousand reviews in right now, listeners to this show can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash happy face. That's ZipRecruiter, dot com. Slash happy face when more time ZipRecruiter dot com. Slash. Happy face ZipRecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Discu- understand why couldn't get together like couldn't understand because our car for my dad when we needed anything my moment, ask my dad. My dad would buy a new car or my dad would provide the things that we needed. So felt like we were competent. On our without him, like somehow he was competent and knew how to make things happen and money so fast. And so after at least it looked like you no doubt it was. Looking back. Among now looking at. You have to pay all the his resources. Fulltime job didn't go to supporting a family went to himself and his life. So. Did you try to go on the road with him? There's some story. Yeah. So so you guys stay with their grandparents. We go to AirAsia. So we're in air. In a semi truck. It was a blazing hot day, so we were to stop it a restaurant meat. So he parks vehicle, we walk, and there was. I call him pimps that they had a huge black limo on their washing it. He physically picked me up and put me in the arms of that man is you can have an walked away. And that was the end of our marriage. That was it. That's when I left. I don't. I don't even know why I got back in the truck with him and went back home victory for you about moment. That was it. I was totally done. Basically told him that you can have my wife picked me up physically pick me up and put me in the arms of guy. Like what. I couldn't think I was in so much shock. Couldn't figure out. We never talked by the way the hallway back never said a word. Other. Each other. Well, he, he said he really was happy in e hill to and stuff, but he was never home. So what he said, why did was to different things done? Exxon always been the case. I spent the first year. It was like, I don't know how explain it the first year she was born. I was like, there was some dark force that was trained to kill. I don't know how explain it to you. I went the first year with Melissa had went through two fires. Did I say the family by waking up one? Yeah, like I will. I sleeping and she was playing in crib. I go what the heck and looked over. She's planning a crew. I heard audible voice. Tell me rose three clock morning. Why can't you see your child playing in the crib? I shot straight up the whole bathroom was on fire. I grabbed her ran up a nudged Keith, ran out the door with her. The whole mobile down whole refund fire wasn't the that Keith event. It got so hot that the fan Mel plastic melted and I have a little cover a covered and caught it on fire in the whole bathroom was the golf before the smoke detectors went off already out the door before that just went off. When

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