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Official is defending his handling of a newly released complaint accusing president trump of seeking foreign interference in next year's election the acting director of national intelligence as a whistle blower complaint was handled by the book with no legal responsibility to pass the material along to congressional committees I have to tell your German it is not perhaps at the time line that I would have desired or you but the office of legal counsel has to make sure they make prudent decisions director Joseph McGuire says the complaint did not meet an urgent threshold laid out in federal law that triggers quick notification of Congress Democrats question relying on the justice department for that decision since the complaint does name Attorney General William Barr on Capitol Hill Jared how burn fox news house speaker Nancy Pelosi is accusing the White House of a cover up after reading the whistle blower complaint Plessey is a former member of the intelligence committee and was involved in writing the whistleblower law the nation's economy is growing a new report out today says it's up to percent in the second quarter the final GDP for April through June is down from the first quarter's three point one percent growth that's right in line with what the economists had forecasted end the advertised twenty three plus million dollar jackpot winning ticket for last night's Lotto Texas was purchased at Murphy USA off highway one oh five that is in mint demarini congratulations as we're approaching the one oh three jury deliberations. continue today in the trial of a man accused of killing six members of a spring family and wounding a seven. because the fence argues his documented mental illness rendered him unable to.

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