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80 WCBM Baltimore and he didn't know about it least of Sarah Fox News, The White House press secretary. Reacting to reports that Russia offered bounties to Taliban that militants to kill American troops in Afghanistan. McEnany says the president was not briefed on allegations of Ah Ocean bounty on American troops. The reasoning because unverifiable information doesn't reach the Oval Office and I can confirm it with you right now that there is no consensus within the intelligence community on these allegations. McEnany also addressed the white power comment in a video. The president tweeted, then deleted on Sunday and whether he saw the entire video did and he did not hear that particular. Asked whether the president would ban Confederate flags from his rallies, Mcenany deferred to the Trump campaign. Colonel Scott reaction to the report from the Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, his bounties to kill Americans. The administration does nothing. Donald Trump. You're not being a very strong president here. As usual. Box news has confirmed. The National Security Council did me to come up with a plan for responses but did not brief the president. The man known as the Golden State Killer, pleading guilty today to dozens of rapes and murders in the 19 seventies and eighties, Joseph James D'Angelo took a deal which will spare him the death penalty. Anticipate that you will receive 11 consecutive life without the possibility of parole sentences.

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