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Terrorist left, and they're like, Well, John didn't shoot this one. But then they choke on a chain. Well, yeah, but we didn't shoot him. So let's just use this guy on. Then Al gets his redemption fires his all his old chamber of bullets into Carl. All that where he shot Carl was like shoulders and legs. Well, yeah, but I would think six shots where it was gonna put someone down. It would be great, though, if you saw him, just like right in the eye balls. I do like, though, that instantly after Argyle busts out with the limo and Al puts his gun back up and John's like, No, No, no, no, no, he's going bad enough. Um, that's my only the only thing that you missed that another iconic thing that I love is when John goes to confront Han when he has his wife. And he puts his gun down and they start laughing. Bull shot him right there falls back out the window and of course that spawned The next decade to 15 years of bad guys falling from high places. Well, I mean, it's such a good shot and The CG doesn't hold up with some of the skyline stuff, especially holds up pretty well. I don't think it does. Okay, you could tell. It's like clearly he wasn't falling and of course to. It was shown to us in the movies that made us that they surprise him with that, they said on the count of three and they dropped him on two. That's a great shot. But I also wonder the physics of that. So if you were Hans Gruber, who was getting ready to shoot John or the wife. He's raising the gun. Which I don't know why it took him so long to raise the gun. Yeah, you could still shoot while you're falling right? Like why didn't hear me out of it? You know who I would shoot? Myself. I would rather die by shooting myself in that my brain would work that fast. I think I would still want to kill John McClane. Still fast. Your issues, right? You're stupid. That's what your issue is. But either way, I know that, but he died and killed John McClane. I died of a quick death to the blow to the brain. But at least I shot John McClane. And maybe I killed his wife. Two. Maybe you imagine how bad it would feel the splatter on the ground. It's the death. No, I don't. Is it even instant death fall from the 30th floor 32nd floor wherever they were. That's instant death. Guys tweet us right now. How do you want to die? Gunshot or falling men Now anything you want. So tell us how you're gonna die. Please. I hope that's not a hostage. So once again, I Really did this movie. I think it's awesome. It's a trend setter. It's Jonah Defining and also it's a lot different than a lot of the other action movies from the eighties because also bodies, especially by this point in the eighties. Is kind of on its downswing. You just got aliens. Aliens was great, too. But you've gotten so many of it that you really ran the chance of it being watered down And I think the magic of it and e. I guess we can credit McTiernan for this is a predator changed the game, too. Because it was an action movie, but ultimately it was like a one on one fight, and this movie is much of the same. There's a lot of action around it, but ultimately it's Hans verse, John and so maybe McTiernan, you know was on to something there. He obviously didn't have a great career, but I just try to get him. Is Han Is that German for John? Are they both John? Yeah, but hot speaks with an English accent. The whole movie That's cause Alan Rickman's better it that where did he get the name anyways? Hans Gruber. That's a question. That's a That's a question. All right, so I haven't a 39 hot dogs. Mac has it at 37 37 7 37 the Mac and Goo.

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