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Coming up that data is shared with researchers who obviously are paying you making money off your digital footprints but first let's do the numbers could be worse the Dow Jones Industrial Average shed three hundred and thirteen points one in ten percent to close at twenty six thousand one sixty four the Nasdaq lost one hundred and thirty two points that one and six tenths percent to finish at seventy eight twenty three snp five hundred fell forty five points one and a half percent to close at twenty eight ninety three companies caught in the tensions between the US and China took a hit Image Processing Firm umbrella dropped nine and four tenths percent one of its Chinese clients Hick vision was among twenty eight Chinese firms blacklisted by the US government today several other firms fell reports that the US may limit Chinese Stock Holdings in government pension funds bond prices rose the yield on the tenure T. note fell to one point five three percent and you're listening to marketplace hey everyone I'm Eddie Murphy's host of this is uncomfortable and new podcast for marketplace that explores the thing we're always in her feelings over but don't really know how to talk about money this is a story on podcast that digs into things like how someone can feel like an imposter when they move from one socioeconomic class to another or why so many people lie about what's in their bank accounts volt even teach you how to ask everyone know about how much they make but just to be clear business not a personal finance podcast it is a podcast about life and how many message within subscribe now wherever you get your podcast this marketplace podcast is brought to you by entercom there's no room for idle chat in business so if email is your only moneymaker make room for something new intercom intercom is the only business messenger that starts with real time chat thing keeps growing your business with conversational bots and guided product tours take intercom Customer Unity intercom dot com slash podcast and by Acoustic as a marketer you've dealt with your share of mediocre technology now there's a better way introducing stick the marketing cloud designed specifically for marketers acoustics AI powered solutions and open platform approach connect your data so you can create more personal connections with your customers marketing automation to mobile analytics they have the tools you need to unleash marketing brilliance visit acoustic dot co slash marketplace to learn more that's acoustic dot co slash marketplace acoustic unleash brilliance. This is marketplace I'm Ali would American teenagers are spending less money they spend just under two hundred bucks a month that is the least they have spent since twenty eleven and that is according to a survey of nearly ten thousand US teens the investment bank piper jaffray marketplace's Erica Farris reports on what they are and aren't spending their money on and what is a brand to do food and clothes those are the two biggest spending categories for teenagers according to the survey food for boys closed for girls and although overall teenage spending is down four percent since the last survey six months ago teens have continued to spend on Technology Mike Olsen tracks ECOMMERCE for Piper Jaffray teens are interested in trying to ensure that they're having all the devices that they need to kind of keep up with their ability to consume the content that they want to consume like social media sites influencers celebrities other teens help them decide what to spend their money on like footwear and leisurewear teenage girls their favorite clothing item leggings there's one thing teenage girls are spending a lot less on handbags back in two thousand and six they were spending one hundred ninety seven dollars a year on them in this latest survey that's down to ninety dollars Barbara Kahn marketing professor at Warton says that's to be expected well if you're wearing casual clothes to buy or it could be that's everything's on their phones maybe they just don't need handbags America barriers for marketplace.

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