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In your situation. I've never met your wife. And if I met her randomly somewhere you had passed away and I'm struck up a friendship and she goes well, You know, I'm spikes ex wife. It would be over right then. Out of respect for you. Even though you did not see it would be over for me, too, But only because I always feel like when I was kissing that it was remnant toe. Spikes between the teeth. Soul brother Kevin Show weeknights from 69 on one or 2.5 the bone. Well, we roll radio and I just can't have sex with a lady wearing a SS No back to Drew. Go Rob a live on one or 2.5 the bone. I'll be DCs thunderstruck. Ah, very apt Jock Jam Walk up song for our next guests who needs no introduction. But I shall deliver one anyway. For when I was a lad wishing to know how many Rouges the Toronto Argonauts had stored, I would tune into the sporting network on television to see Do Lightning broadcaster Dave Randolph. Tell me anything and everything I needed to know about the CFL Day. Thank you for being here, buddy. And welcome to Tampa Bay. Oh, you have done your homework, man. Every other is going rouge. What are you talking about? A root a rouge for those who care. In the Canadian Football League is a single point for a missed field goal. You get a point for missing the field goals there anything more Canadian than that? It's just like everybody just gets a ribbon or participation back or a point for missing the damn field.

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