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Nets center. I'm Chris Dule. We're moments away from getting you to build Schoening. He is in the 80 anti center this evening where he will be broadcasting remotely as the San Antonio Spurs are at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. Taking on the New Orleans pelicans the Spurs open the night at 29 29. They are in the number 10 slut. In the Western Conference, although they are in a virtual tie with the Golden State Warriors, who are also an even 500 warriors are 30 and 30, but currently occupy the number nine slot in the Western Conference Now, right behind the Spurs, their opponent for this evening, the New Orleans pelicans, the pelicans are 3.5 games. Behind the Spurs. So Spurs trying to fend off the pelicans. A win tonight on the road in New Orleans would go a long way toward trying to see secure a post season position. Remember, the nine in 10 slots do qualify for a post season play in tournament this year in the embassy coming up on Spurs radio game night with Bill Schoening, we'll hear the pregame comments. From spur Lonnie Walker. The fourth and then bill will sit down with Dan Weiss of Spurs television, and when he sits down with Dan, It's always fascinating and entertaining, and Dan usually provides some Gan Olympics. Some statistics that you might not have known about about the Spurs and or the pelicans for tonight's game after the game. Don't forget we'll bring you spurs react right here on Spurs radio 1200 W. Away I with Michael Bartlett and myself that will.

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