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'cause it sounds like it's going to be a good time show your eye and that's it this week all right see uh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa ow that that's like my favorite favor favorite thing never in life i used to do that in middle school and get light exrebel because saddam realize is that japan james uh jim carey is actually a vocal is because then nickel with was sorry the white man he was actually singing like which hour which i may not have understood jim carrey with singer he had tone he with absolutely rondo thing and he had boca control there was playing his mandated i'm telling you he was seen all all all right eight eu and that sucks it sounds like the beginning of a beyond say records you should definitely put the home and then go in the whole dream motif they had like it they loop the it was revived amtel it was the song it was anyway i digress today's episode again grown is brought to you by color of change the nation's largest online racial justice organization color change successfully designs campaigns powerful enough to in practices that unfairly whole black people back and champion solutions that move us all forward their new race in the writer's room report reveal many of the injustices that surround the narratives that continues to whitewash the stories that shape america the report also found that when black people were given a true platform the stories that were developed were more nuance in did not invoke racial stereotypes for which some writers reported feeling proud with the emergence of a dynamic movies like lic penta get out in a wrinkle in time it's clear that when we hashtag tell black stories we amplify our truth in positively influence the media narrative visit color of change dot org to join us as we fight for a better world for black people until justices ru.

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