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More we're gonna think about it so if recessions are consistently talk a recession is consistently in the news then individual can't help but be thinking of that especially when they're making spending decisions now for the copycats first we can't print act what consumers are gonna do with negative news about the economy it has you know one can't that mold squirrel away money for a rainy day and then you have others that would choose to spend at all now second caviar consumers think about a lot of things when they're deciding whether to buy stuff like their personal finances part been arc is chief economist at the conference board you know what would happen to a bank account and what do they kept in terms of that table every month then are also points out that while negative economic news could hurt consumer spending the news right now is an all negative but one moment stay here news about rates increase as and a strong labor market and all the times that your news about the trade disputes and the market's coming down so if anything consumers are probably a little confused we get it I Merrill Sierra for market place here is where you get to chime in go to market place dot org let us know what you think when you're me and everybody else you that or word and is speaking of you by the way the stuff buying American public as we've been reporting the American economy is still in decent shape in no small part because consumer confidence and spending is still doing pretty well to that end of mega retailer target reported higher quarterly sales and profits this morning but we did no doubt by us but as market place's any you'll reports target's recent run is also very much about target at the end of February twenty seventeen target reported declining sales and profits for the holiday season just past and the company issued a gloomy outlook CEO Brian Cornell told investors he was gonna spend billions of dollars to help lower prices and also remodel hundreds of stores investors killed targets stock if you think about where retail going today investing in stores and doesn't seem like the right mill that's Sonya Penske she covers retail Alex partner she says in the age of Amazon it all felt like a reach the target was playing the long game people are still going to extort there just at their X. occasion for those stores are really different she says targets mated stores more appealing to shoppers Neil Sanders as retail analytic Lobel data he says target also chose wisely in pushing proprietary brands like market pantry and made by design where the margins are higher if you want that brand of clothing all their brand of home essentials home products you have to go to target to get them so that differentiation is really helped the target didn't forget about Amazon the company invested in speeding delivery of website orders and easy store pick ups Bob fibs runs the retail doctor consultancy you know when you look at the article do this JC Penney Macy's they haven't had this consistent laser focus on knowing exactly what they should be doing without hearing from that he says target has made the right investment choices recently and it's going to need to do more of that if it wants to keep winning in a rapidly changing retail environment I mean dealer for market place Wall Street on this Wednesday all good thanks you will have the details when we do the numbers one of those virtual reality headsets probably not right they still haven't a handful of years after the first consumer models came out they still haven't really caught on much less let us retreat into escapist fantasy worlds are virtual relationships oculus quest and the like are still pretty expensive and there's really not that much content form anyway but even though home use hasn't quite gone mainstream the V. our industry is starting to focus on businesses employee training in particular from our workplace culture this marketplace is Meghan McCarthy Carino has that story inside an unremarkable office park in the LA area virtual reality start up tail spin is creating new worlds which are pretty on remarkable themselves no fantasy landscapes or gun slinging here deals bins latest virtual reality training puts users behind a boring old desk in a nondescript office the task calling a virtual employee named berry hand as gingerly as possible let him go how many times has very been fired my gosh thousands thousands the idea is to work on communication skills in an emotionally charged situation most people don't encounter every day tales been CEO Kyle Jackson helped me strap on a head set so I could give it a try you basic I speak which is the on screen there I'm behind a desk in an office with a water cooler posted notes in the home of phone calls in the background I very come on in very sits across from me a middle aged man with graying hair and wrinkles etched into his face I would mistaken for a real human yep when he speaks how are you you look great new hair style right it's kind of hard not to feel sorry for the guy knowing what I'm about to do thank you I feel terrible about this but I have some bad news the program gives you some options for what you should say to bury the objective being to get through the firing process without too many hard feelings it didn't work who do you think you are twenty thirty years old I've been doing this for thirty years I failed please try again okay let's try again virtual reality training like this is a growing business a report from tech industry advisory firm AB I research predicts the market for workplace VR looks blowed from just a couple hundred million dollars last year to more than six billion by twenty.

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