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Everyone here looks like there aren't fitness calendar. Yeah like there's the beach. I'M NOT GONNA take my shirt so yeah. It's very intimidating but you failed out of there and then. How did you find your way into employment. In that realm. I got a degree the and I didn't technically quite fail out but I filled out my major so I ended up going to California state and getting Green Information Systems. My whole deal is a computer sciences borings brings. All Hell is the technical equivalent of masturbating. Let's think about this incredible problem. In principle from nothing productive happened at the end of year to year like whacking backing off thing and I'm like to theoretical not through Tacoma guys could we learned brought the Internet because I just sold the teachers to fourteen countries over the Internet and we have no classes on on networking Internet anything useful and the professors are like and so I went to school and I got a degree and he's a computer to actually solve the problem album that we face today in business and in life and it turns out Mike was in artificial intelligence is called decision support systems so I got an early degree in and that kind of stuff and I can't imagine that the curriculum them even reflects remotely. What is today right. I mean that was it was the foundation was was in his embassy effect. They told us you're not allowed to say it official intelligence because everyone will make fun of you because it's never gonNA happen. I'm like you guys are so wrong. It is going to happen. We've got machine learning and AI but because I've spent twenty years in Tak those are the those are my people. That's how I think the whole biohacking new word in the English language. It's just the same same kinda hacking we did to make the Internet pointed at our body because the decisions made in your body are very similar to how disturbed systems on the network will in that. They're binary. Sorry there on or off. They release something. They don't really some not being binary. it's about being a whole bunch of tiny decisions made all over the place that you can't possibly really no all like decentralized. It's like a real a full-size math. The United States would be kind of useless. You can't ever knew everything so you so. How does your body know what to do. When individual decisions are being made inside the cells in your risk like how do they know what to do in house. My brain was going on there well. There's a whole system but it's it's made of tiny. The decisions made all over the place that coalesce into Oh. There's my ego right. There's my desire to have sex with that person. There's why I have to say yes to the cookie. It's not coming from a conscious thing in your brain is coming from distributed stuff everywhere yeah and even now by the time someone hears this podcast. It's broken into billions of pieces and spread all all over this one. We went that way in a decision was made here that no one knows how or why it was made yet. It worked same thing happening in your cells and so that's how I can write like superhuman. I can write the books I write because I think like a computer hacker okay. Let's inch towards that so I you you do well. I imagine financially and all these different endeavors you've to help start companies. Kinda did twenty six. I made six million dollars. Okay that's six million more than twenty seven solid the company that held Google's Google's first servers and that was a CO founder of part of that company. Okay the professional service thing. We did one hundred million a quarter. I like all these big business. I lost when I was twenty eight. This is what I I wanted to stay cool for two years. We'll get into all the fun science stuff but you give someone who didn't for lack of a better word. Get laid often in then. You give them six million dollars. There's at twenty six. What do you do with that money. Flashy stuff you look at your buddy. This company made more money than they should have and you say eh. I'll be happy to have ten million dollars. Yes I literally said those words like the biggest asshole words of my life and on one hand. I knew I'm like I'm set for life life. I'M GONNA go get A. PhD in Psychopharmacology was my plan all get to hang out here for two more years but I I like making stuff change and so it kept getting bigger and bigger jobs in the company and I was it was illegal to sell the stock because I was in charge of of looking every acquisition of another company any so I was always inside. Information watched my wealth okay so you had basically six million dollars the stock at one point and then that's a very common occurrence Chris. I mean I've literally could have sold. It could've just just said I'm done but it wasn't ethical legal general counsel whatever's. I I took the high road. I didn't sell the stock doc because I knew things about the company that weren't public and it cost me twenty years of working and I did get a used. BMW and a down payment on a house out of that at the end of the day okay well. That sounds terrible things so you just said you you wanted to go. Get a doctorate degree in pharmacology so my assumption then is during this period even though you're probably experiencing some element of control over your life because you have the skill set and it's bearing fruit. There's some rewards awards happening but I'm I'm assuming you're not you don't have an accompanying self of peace or contentment or happiness that you had told yourself you would have if if you had those things I was house miserable when I was in a bad relationship for years. I was highly anxious but no it 'cause. You're anxious. You probably don't Eric because that's just how it's always it's been right and I found I was thirty like you know what I just like. Had this long failed relationship. I just lost all this money like. I'm completely miserable. I don't know what else to do. Kind of you know done what at the time I felt like. It was a rock bottom but now look both my legs. I wasn't at rock-bottom. There's always levels guys who are are in ten thousand times worse than I ever was who are happier and more peaceful home so like. I felt like that yeah in a we call it a high bottom. Yeah there you go but but the relevant pieces you oh you are so miserable that you are now open to change that otherwise. You're not you nailed it. I I definitely got there and I finally was like you should go go to this impersonal development retreat thing like look. I'm an engineer. I already take smart drugs already know about food. I've already lost fifty pounds. I feel like I've got control and and like I don't even tell you what they do there because you'll hate you'll hate overtake just but just going right. I'm so miserable I. I'm just GONNA go and it. It was transformational psychology based. This is I've interviewed. The father that feels standoff is ninety four years old. This is a guy who gave three thousand people. LSD in Czechoslovakia when it was legal and he's a psychologist going. This stuff doesn't work. This drug does work and here's what it's doing and they're like oh Dave. Ptsd there's even when you were born. I'm like this is the biggest bunch of hippy bullshit ever again. Let us show you and I mean they had me like a like a butterfly Pinson one of those wax spores and I call Shit like they awfully deep dark secrets in these shouldn't I had the cordray tarmac when I was born. I came into the world wired at unconscious level to be like like some trying to kill me so I was. I'M NOT GONNA connects people. I'm GonNa just protect myself was on all those fistfights when I was a kid right. Why did I look at normal to help me like I got a handle this all by myself so I was not connecting to people for the first thirty years of my life because I came into the world thinking someone's trying to kill me over that life is a lot better. Isn't it fascinating thank you that makes me think immediately of the Vanity Fair article I read. I did not read the book the Big Short but then I saw the movie but at any rate the guy who predicted the subprime mortgage crisis and got all the credit default swaps purchased by all these huge places that should have known better. He you probably know this story. His son was having problems in school. They said we think he's autistic. I know he's not well. Here's the questionnaire you tell me how many he answers yes to. He reads the questionnaire. He himself goes holy fuck. I'm answering. Yes to ninety percent ladies and he goes backwards in time says Omega because he had a glass eye so his whole narrative was oh. This glass is keeping me from connecting to people and that's everything everything and then finding out no. I think I'm on the spectrum. It wasn't the glass I similarly. I imagine you go. I was overweight as a kid that explains all my social awkwardness comes on the spectrum to all okay we're that. Phd Grandmother Engineering kind of is a good sign yeah and over kids ads and me on that same survey from Vanity Fair like forty five out of fifty. Oh really absolutely I until I until I learned social skills. I turn my brain on biologically and I did. She's four months of neuro feedback. I own run neuro feedback brain upgrade facility. I wouldn't have made eye contact. I didn't know how to do these are learned skills and like like repaired biology asperger's so right now recently and your friends with gunnery so you're aware of it and we love this. Guy Eric Topol there you know there's there's a lot of stuff going on about gut health and they're being very specific and my book to yeah that Syria that cat kids with autism have but the explanation I had heard prior to that which to me held with a lot of water. I have not read a study but prior to the computer revolution. You had all these people who would have normally not entered the workforce is totally true right so oh and now now you have all these people that there was no job for them prior to computers but now they're entering the workforce. That's where people meet and have kids so you would generally like. This was an explanation for the explosion. Asian of autism was just now. You have twos working together and the two and the to get together and they have kids now. The kids have four and it just wasn't happening for those people weren't co mingling and so. I wonder if it's some combination of all these things or even. Maybe their original autism was gut health related or something. Do you have a opinion on that without us getting killed back back when I had that six million dollars. I I started a nonprofit that I couldn't fund because I didn't have for autism research particularly adults this really affected my life and I was like Oh my God this explains so much yeah so I was really into this in the late ninety s and I've spoken at Autism one at the conference and looked at the the biology of it. There isn't one thing there's chronic neuro inflammation. That's usually autoimmune in other words your body for some reason starts to mess with your brain uh-huh the end result of that what caused it look it could have been aluminum could've been mercury. Toxic mold is a big contributor. it can be nutritional imbalances a hormonal imbalances some types of trauma but here's the weird thing when people run marathons the type of gut bacteria. They have changes when they're training or during the their training okay wait. If you train more your gut bacteria change to make you better at marathons what the hell right so to the bacteria caused marathon no them back. It's all chicken and the egg you'd have to prove that these bacteria cause autism and they probably do they certainly tied to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and all of the plaque in your arteries. He's comes from your gut bacteria enough from what you eat now proven in two studies like that. KINDA throws a lot of stuff. We used to believe on its head so I wouldn't wanNA. You say that these things 'cause it but are there is a network marker at least that we're aware there isn't a single one but you can say people who have been called. H. L. A. D. R. Twenty percent of the population appellation. They're more sensitive to mold. They're more sensitive to lime disease. They can excrete toxins as well and they're like autism so if your parents are are autism autism related sort of things and they have you you're at a higher genetic risk because he can excrete toxins very well and then you end up with some trauma you end up with you. You live in a basement like I did as a kid with toxic mold that contributed to my obesity and all these other things and then like. Oh there you go. You got it yeah well..

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