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But many would probably give you a little bit of time. Because they'd be more than happy to talk to you before you invested in that pet. So that you know, what you're getting into. They did suggests I know I was watching your. Coast there and stuff also to combine that with talking to a trainer for behavioral depending right again, any animal that you're getting the combination of health and behavior we seek while ago took that phone call, and I still crossing my mind she was looking around for trainers. She had a list of questions, and I kind of flip the tables on her and ask her what kind of puppy. She was getting. And she was getting she wanted a boxer, and she was gonna go pick it up that weekend when it was seven weeks old, and we're in California, first of all it's not legal right before their eight weeks. And then telling your why and I said well that's one red flag. Have you asked the breeder about health checks on the parents? And there was kind of shocked. Silence. I can't and I mentioned talking to vets because bought Sousa breed have their unique physical health concerns. I hope that she talked to a vet and was reiterated what I said, yes, I just have visions of this young woman with their first puppy just having many many years of problems, right? That could have been avoided by wiser decisions at the very beginning. Yeah. It's been a couple of weeks. Now, I still fly. Yes. With my bones. For example, he has been used for stud twice very sparingly. But I had his hip sex rate and fade. I had genetic tests done for several things I waited until he was an adult in his temperament and personality were established. If I were to breed him would I want one of his puppies? Know, it was a long discussion between his breeder and myself and variety of health tests. So that any puppies that he produced would beat the best the best chances to be the best. All right, right. So yeah, I hope people do think about it. A little little careful talking of that tuck your trainer talk to the breeder. Somebody says I want to get a pug, so they can go jogging with me, you know. Frankly, thanks to watch or get boast puppy and think he's a couch potato. Your bet for help and answers down the road. Yes. So yeah. Talk to them before you even start down the road. All right. Well, we need to take a break for a sponsor. So hold on. We've got a lot more to talk about when we.

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