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Eight hundred to one and the headline on marlins dot com was marlins struggle in opener. Which is like a slight undertake amid but not it accurate and with that lusk the marlins fell to forty and fifty four and a negative one run differential sir. I said last week. Something's gotta give. No team has ever had a winning percentage this poor with a run differential in the black and either they are eventually going to be in the red. Or they're going to get that record and at least for now. It's the former so they as we speak here on tuesday before most of the days games they have been outscored other style. Not nearly as much as one would expect given their record. Does it feel good to have some semblance of like baseball as we know it restored right that we bit yell though. It's sorry it came at the expense of the marlins. Sue suffered enough but still well when you're looking at a a score like that. I don't know that. I'm really right to say that normal baseball so and in last episode we also talked to our pal jake mints at out his upcoming bike ride across the country. So i have two little followups related to that for those of you who were not with us in that episode. Jake predicted or stated last year. That the white sox. There's no way that they would hire told me rousset to be their manager and of course they did and he vowed to walk from new york city to chicago if they did that. He is amended that to biking so this thursday he will be setting off on about a two week journey to chicago on his bike. And we got an email about a comparable situation that i was not aware of her. Had forgotten about. But james are patriots. Supporter sent us a link to a sporting news story from a couple ago. And here's the headline. June eighth nineteen eighty nine when the pirates blue attend. Nothing lead forcing announcer. Jim rooker to walk three hundred twenty seven miles or not forcing but compelling at least so. Here's what the story says. Think before you speak even in baseball and even when something seems well unthinkable think before you speak especially when you speak to hundreds of thousands of people for a living. Jim rooker can tell you on story about that. It's a lesson. He learned on june eighth nineteen eighty nine. The day the former pirates broadcaster made a seemingly innocent and safe statement after the bucko scored ten runs in the top of the first against the phillies in philadelphia. If we lose this game. I'll walk back to pittsburgh. Rooker told partner jon sanders and everyone listening on.

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