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Now, it's I don't even know in Tennessee's Mike Davis is that Mike Corey day Davis. They don't have he he's he's never been stranded. By by weapons you pay like the low end for a franchise quarterback has Cam Newton K fifteenth highest paid quarterback. Now, keep in mind that was three years ago. Five years one hundred four million. Would you get would you give Marcus mariota five years a hundred and four million dollars and keep in mind in order to keep pace? It's going to be a higher number than that. Yeah. Probably if you put it that way, probably not. I mean, I think franchise quarterback tough to come. But I keep thinking of like wins above replacement look at the guys that were available on the market this year. Alex Smith would your the valley Smith or Marcus mariota? Probably. Would you rather have case keenum, Marcus mariota mariota probably case? Kowcase keenum has been awful. He's as awful, but he hasn't been great trust me. I've got Bronco fans in the families. But I'm just saying. Kirk cousins or Marcus mariota Kirca's. Right. But Kirk cousins got a monster. Did he did? So is long. I like Ryan tannehill or Marcus mariota probably rather married either a franchise right back. But I'm just saying it fits magic it depen-. Well, the here's you can get fits magic. Magic is on the Mark yet. You'll be able to get him. He's an outlier. You stumble on Fitch, man. But this conversation is like don't you think it's going to be the both open and shut case ever when Colin Kaepernick has collusion case all they gotta do is walk in and play Nathan Peterman 's tape of his true here. And say all right. You guys want to explain to me that this guy's not being blackballed. Nathan Peterman can't move the ball forward. And he's been given five start. You know, what I thought about that? Actually, I tell story from that shut up and dribble show that relates to Colin Kaepernick. Okay. Coming up coming up next. So many just sent a gif of Jamal Murray. Dribbling around Lonzo ball from last year, Dr Blunk, Nick doctor. Thank you replace. Nick says John must've forgot this little number by Murray during last season, dude, just a dirt bag player. By the way, we are looking for veterans to come in here and co hosts the show with us on Monday. Don't forget about that. We've already found one Greg got another one for you here that I'm that. I'm going to forward to you. The. The idea is on Veterans Day..

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