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Two questions what would ray vote for right and what would win are are what we we're gonna do are are bad which is not really that is gonna be what actually wins rhetoric okay correct site for me it's it's hands down it's once upon a time in Hollywood there's bits but far and away the best movie I saw in the last year I don't think I mean it is an extreme longshot to win Best Picture I think nineteen seventeens one win Best Picture I agree and I agree this is why we're not gonna much of that once upon a time in Hollywood was my favorite narrowly over the Irishman a good joke or some thought nineteen seventies can with the I'm looking at the odds here and it's a it's a prohibitive odds minus two hundred yeah yeah okay we know what could happen though I think Hollywood there's a there's probably a lot of people there there wouldn't I think I've been a push to try to finally award a foreign language merely they've never done it now and I think there's a push to trying to a parasite I don't think it's going to come to that because they have the foreign language film category it's an easy cop out we'll just give it that and then without some now so I think that's where it's going to go down by the movie for the award for Best Actor in this one right I am so sure what's going to win and deservedly so that I would bet like my big toe against ten dollars on this one Joaquin Phoenix for the joker was phenomenal he was great yeah I mean it is de Niro in taxi drivers really what it is and he was he was that good Adam driver in marriage story United whatever you played a guy moped around for two hours I can do that yeah Antonio Banderas for painting glory didn't see it did you see that now all right Leonardo for once upon a time in Hollywood he was terrific he was really really good he's he's very overshadowed by Brad Pitt but on deservedly so your dinner of two Capreol one for revenant he's far better in this I mean he's really really good in this but I don't think he has a chance to win I think this is Phoenix AZ Phoenix is your all right and Jonathan price for the two popes I did not see that movie but Jonathan Pryce was pretty.

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