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I want America to lead in clean energy solutions and which we have been doing, but we need to unleash American energy on the commerce side the eastern Washington congresswoman says she wants to hold big tech accountable when it comes to social media platforms that may be harming children. Another day, another honor for the Mariners Jay rod show, Bill Schwartz has the latest and this Beacon plumbing sports update. Kimmy was nearly unanimous 29 of 30 members of the baseball writers of America gave Seattle's dynamic young center Fielder Julio Rodriguez first place votes. He is the 2022 American League rookie of the year. Jay rod joins former Mariners Alvin Davis each row cause a hero sasaki and Kyle Lewis to receive that distinction. Three University of Virginia football players killed in an on campus shooting remembered today by their head coach Tony Elliott as all good kids, Devin Chandler, lavelle Davis junior and deshaun Perry were returning from a class trip Sunday Night when authorities say they were killed by a fellow student. University of Washington running back Wayne taller papa has a very heavy heart. He was co captain at Virginia last season. Seattle Seahawks hit the biweek with a 21 16 loss in Germany against Tampa Bay. Quarterback Gino Smith says his fumble near the bucks end zone was very costly. And obviously I got to protect the football that can never happen. God made a great play as I was going down, but you know, if I don't, if I don't turn it over in the red zone, I think it's a different game. Section four Seattle doesn't play until November 27th at home against the Las Vegas Raiders. Sports was worth a ten and 40 after the hour. Northwest news radio

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