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And she was setting up a website or she really know she needed to set up a website to after I talk to about it to order facemasks and she was managing a group of people there in Colorado who are donating materials in their time to make face masks and then you just order them and she sends them out to you for free she pays for the shipping and handling well I personally donated money to efforts after the show and then all my gosh I got this great email and we read it to you hi Kim I'm the assistant general manager at the Hilton garden inn in Johnston Iowa you had a caller regarding a team that she coordinates making mass she stated that she needs donations well we have sheets and other materials that might work and I would like to contact her Rick Bentley well we called Monica to tell her the news and she just started to cry she was so appreciative and thank you reckon thank you all of you for being here with us and if you're feeling a little down or if you're feeling a little out of sorts let me tell you you've come to the right place you're gonna learn we're gonna laugh we're gonna feel better about what's going on in the world because after all it's the camp commando show we talk about living the best digital lifestyle ever of course now in a pandemic in a crisis situation it's a little bit different well okay it's way different than it has been in the past you can find us on four hundred top stations from coast to coast and around the globe on American forces network radio that's a hundred and seventy seven different countries and every ship at sea gets became commander show and it's called him commander show because after all I am America's beloved digital goddess Kim commander here with you again.

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