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But also she was going through her Saturn return so I was like. Oh my fucking yeah so who crowds like twenty seven. So you're entering into your Saturn return it lasts from about twenty seven to thirty around roughly and it's one of those corners in your life where you come up against yourself as an individual and you have to really kind of either like push past passed the boundary and the expectations of parents or sorrows of childhood. You have to distinguish yourself as an individual you can no longer lean back into whatever strings attached with parents. It's time to define yourself as an adult in a different kind of way. Also you know you're not going to be twenty two forever her and it's not cute. It's not much over so much you gotta grow up uh-huh and Saturn's all about growing up so anyways I saw that in her chart and she was about to go through our at least I don't return and I was like wow we're going to be in for ride and and it was great but it was exactly what holiday pay another follow up to the opening. They will be like that. Do you ever feel like this is just like a super power that you have take. My mind is already blown. It's it's it's not it's not I think it's a really I mean there's your brain either. Their works like that either talk to taxi or not. It's kind of like I cannot for the life of me. Do Math I I can do that. I'm very good at math. Superpower is not a stereotype. That's true all right true. But it's a language and you understand it's language. That's what astrology is like imprinted on me and then it was something that I did did. And so I I feel that people feel that. But it's like I'm just reading like I'm reading a piece of paper with writing on it. What do you think that cross section as of like why? Why do people seem to gravitate towards astrology? So much I think because if you don't see yourself reflected in the world and of course the now representation is changing but you don't see yourself reflected in your family or in the world large and this system is a reflection. Anything that's really alluring. I think it's really satiated even like I. I was made the way I was supposed to be made this way. That's marked its there. I'm supposed to be this odd creature with all of these different. You know paradoxes and I think that when you live inside of as we all most do inside of Hetero normativity these sister maturity it's so deadening to the senses you know it's so limited it's so uncreative and I think all of us no matter where where we are in our identity were all craving to see more of humanity away or were afraid of it and we're pushing it away and doing awful things around it but I think strategy gives you the million different variations of being a human and explanations for it and it gives it context and I think it holds it. So how much how much shame you have around. I think I've ever met shame. We have around who we are. And however that's compounded by family by Culture Chur by location by city. Whatever I think when you look at your chart and someone else goes Oh yeah yeah? You're that way you're wearing a Jean Jacket. You Yeah Yeah. That's that's exactly what you're given to wear. That's what you're supposed to do. It's Okay Levine. channing it's been so lovely I give it up for Cheney Nicolay.

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