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It's going to be a little different. This is very Bravo focused. We're going to get into the nitty gritty of Bravo. We're gonna hear all that Jerry's new show. And of course, we've a lot a lot. A lot of questions that were sense news though. I've opinions. We'll get into the Bravo is there's plenty of thing on your moving to Chicago. I could talk. Crowd, you've found your people. So I, we wanna know people are wondering how did this obsession with Revo kinda start what? What sparked it? My wife watched. Before you guys were even born a show called real housewives of Orange County, which was the first. And then it was the first season of real housewives of New Jersey. And we have a television in our bedroom where we do pretty much all of our TV viewing, and you guys are too young to remember, but Theresa Guti chafe flip to table and referred to another cast member. Daniel stop as a prostitution core. We know well. I remember watching it and jumping out of bed and going what? What is this? What is happening here? My wife went this New Jersey. I've been watching it and I went, who are these people? And my wife went. That's trae and she's fighting Theresa. I mean, she's fighting with Danielle, and I was really hooked after that and then that moved into New York, and now it's moving into Dallas. And now I'm below deck savvy dander pump savvy. I just. You know what? It really big. My wife for a while now. Just want things to say. You just run out of stuff to talk about that talk about it's done and you know, Britney jacks gives us hours of endless conversation. I mean months of conversation years years, we talk about Jackson Britney, four years forever. Yeah. And it's I really, I wanna think Bravo right now right here comments by celebs for saving my marriage. That is very, that's that's extreme it. I want you to know anytime I leave a comment now I really think about you guys, and I think this is going to end up on comments by celebs. We appreciate so better make it good. Let me tell you. That is a number one question that we could ask people saying. Do you think the celebrities common with you in mind? We always say we would never take the liberty of saying, yes. However, we do think that they're a little more conscious just because of the comments are making headlines. I do now. I mean, I'm actually a little bit desperate to. I've actually sent you screen shots and stuff. I think I have having. I tell you, I think I left a comment. Maybe something would mean captain Lee of below deck. It was on Twitter, the tweet that you Larry. Right, right, right. And I sent you that I'm so sorry, I did that. I was too excited drunk to did it. We love it. I was signing into your DM's. I'm so sorry, you're not the only one I love it. Followed is. So as you guys may know or should know, Jerry has a new show called travels play by play, coming to travel and tell us how the idea started tells everything started with Andy Cohen. Call me up and saying, all good ideas start. And he said, I want to show where it's for you sitting around the table talking about everything. That's Bravo. I thought, and you're gonna paint you like doing this for you to do this, and he said, and I want you to sort of be the Whoopie of it, be the host of it and. You know, it is a little scary because I have no. Panel, I guess that's what you call it. Like a panel show panel hosting experience, you know, and it does take, you know, like Whoopi expert at it. You know, Andy's got a lot of experience what with all the reunions that he does, but it's not my forte. So it was really helpful having Andy there to help get me through it and everything, and it's just so fun. You know a, we have a guy named Brendan shop who's one of our co hosts who's like this, like super hot like you have seat biter and like to hear him like talking about Vicki Gumbel zen and like acted like she can't find a man who really loves her and you know, and.

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