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The, list of. Speakers that reads more like a who's who WJR's are meadowland room has the rundown topping the list former President Bill Clinton, other political, figures include. A former US attorney general Eric Holder Michigan governor Rick Snyder US Representative Brenda Lawrence Detroit city council president Brenda. Jones the Reverend Jesse Jackson and l. Sharpton smokey Robinson will, share his memories as well as her one time. Record company boss. Clive Davis Bishop TD Jakes pastor of the Potter's house in Dallas is. Expected to be there along with, actress, Sisley, Tyson and. TV judge Greg. Mathis Franklin died August sixteenth at her Detroit home the cause of her death was. Advanced pancreatic cancer she was. Seventy six are medal Andhra WGN news Senator John McCain's family says the Arizona. Republican has chosen to discontinue medical treatment for brain cancer medical, correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta tells us more about the. Cancer McCain has. Been battling for over a year Tumors known as a glioma blast Dilma some people refer to it as a GDN And it is a it's an aggressive form of brain cancer cancer that forms within the brain. Of self as opposed to spreading from somewhere else in the body to the brain the national weather service has hurricane, lane has been downgraded to a category. Two storm is it approaches the Hawaiian islands. Executive officer of. Hawaii's emergency management agency Luke Meyer says they're preparing for this hurricane. That's definitely coming we are walk into at least our operation center at diamond head we are walk rating with our state and local. Partners and our federal partners trying to make sure that public ready for this event the hurricane sustained. Winds are now clocked at one hundred ten miles an hour with some gusts higher the storm is barreling north and was. Expected to make a sharp. Westerly turn possibly passing dangerously close. To the island chain an off-duty port Huron police Lieutenant was shot dead this morning I shot to death. This morning and two others shot and wounded at an. Apartment. West of port Huron it was a love Triangle this. Is the nine one one call forty-seven seventy-one Atkins roller apartment number. Four we're going to start rescue colors advising that he has been shocked long with his neighbor and her boyfriend the shooter is a. Twenty nine year old who called police and was captured more than an hour away at a marathon. Station on ten mile and telegraph in Southfield police in Utica are looking for a vacuum cleaner thief who they call the. Dyson dasher the suspect was. Recorded on surveillance video leaving the. Target store with two Dyson vacs in his cards without paying for them he was seen driving away in. A dark-colored issue v The traffic. Shift has, taken place on eastbound. Is sixty six between seventy five and ninety four vehicles going east will now be on the newly pave. Lanes which eventually be the westbound lanes of the freeway crews will now repave the eastbound lanes. Diane cross dot says other work is going on now we've shifted you over but still have. Work to do in Oakland County as well so starting tonight at about eight. Pm eastbound six ninety six coming, from two seventy five as you get near 'em ten we're going to. Force you off on telegraph because we need to work on the eastbound stretch Oakland from telegraph to seventy five and finally Robin Leach has died the star of the, lifestyles of the rich and famous started out on the, news.

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