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Dot com and schedule your free estimate today It's four 11 A jury in southeast Georgia has found Travis mcmichael his father Greg mcmichael and their neighbor William roddy Bryan guilty of murdering ahmaud Arbery an unarmed black man who had been jogging through a neighborhood in Brunswick when he was chased and shot to death The defendants say they suspected Arbery of burglaries Travis mcmichael claimed he shot Arbery in self defense The trial became part of a larger national reckoning on racial injustice Veronica waters covered the trial from start to finish for WSB radio in Atlanta She spoke with WTF's Sean and Mike about the trial I think that the defense lawyers in this case did an amazing job I mean you had some really skilled defense attorneys here The prosecution though said listen jury this claim of citizens arrest in self defense This was all made up for trial And she pointed to the defendant's own words that day that no one ever said they were trying to arrest them on Arbery no one ever brought up a citizen's arrest or made a claim of self defense until these men were indicted I think that she did a good job in sort of painting a picture for the jury about why the defense arguments did not hold water You can't claim self defense if you're the initial unprovoked aggressor And there would be no struggle over a shotgun as the defense said that there was if these men hadn't chased Arbery around for 5 minutes before that moment happened And so I was a little surprised because I have never been able to really predict what a jury is going to do And I was curious to see what the mix might be of guilty and not guilty verdicts was going to be as you know the shooter Travis mcmichael was convicted on all of the counts His father Greg convicted on 8 of the 9 their neighbor roddy Bryan convicted on 6 of the 9 but neither one of those latter two men was convicted of the malice murder counts That was the only one that stuck to Travis mcmichael And that means here in Georgia automatic life sentences when you're convicted of murder when they are sentenced judge Timothy Wong's leg will decide whether or not they have the possibility for parole Can you talk a bit about how the city prepared for the verdict when it comes to maybe police presence and just around the heaping the security outside this courthouse What I know is that preparations had been put in place even before the trial started as we were on the eve of jury selection we knew that there had been a meeting in the city There were lots of officers on call We saw it outside the courthouse State patrol members out there Everybody ready to keep the peace of course they knew that something could happen although I do want to note that there had never been any violence or destruction in Glenn county since the killing of ahmaud Arbery demonstrations have been loud and forceful but they have not been destructive or violent But just in case there were preparations in Atlanta even as people prepared for whatever this verdict might bring But we did hear from a lawyer for the arbor family as well as from Arbery's father himself Marcus Arbery He said we want this jury to come back with a verdict in an honest way He was trying to say we don't want anybody to intimidate them as one of the defense attorneys kept saying about the black passage in the courtroom This might influence the jury to vote one way or the other We want them to go and convict based on the evidence which we believe that there is to convict these men And I think that's what happened The border of Veronica waters from WSB radio in Atlanta in conversation with WTF's Sean and Mike coming up on Public schools without librarians a problem the D.C. council's working on I'm Michelle marello Sports next Is always on even when your car isn't Download the app to listen live.

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